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About ME: Hi! my name is Lea, 31 years old from Phoenix: My favorite movie "Up! (1976 film)" and favorite book about sex "Flying Colours (novel)". I love to kiss and suck (a must) keeps my motor running. I`m here very sincere and serious. I want it from a man - Sex with someone who will actually call us the next day. I can be strong, but want to be weak at times in hands of my beloved man. Hey all.

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DESCRIPTION: If you regularly read my stories, this one is not a sweet story of fun sex as most of them are. It is a story of abuse and torture and enslavement and may result in feelings of depression.

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"Get your fucking face back into cunt, piggie." Hank said. Claire dropped her head to Brenda's spread twat and gobbled it. The girl grunted and moaned. Hank pulled his cock out again and jacked it while he looked into Claire's gaping ass. He loved to see a busted open ass. It was so wrong. Her gape flexed and he put his. Wiggling her hips in a circular fashion she seemed to be drilling the dildo deeper into my bottom. Brenda began to pour a lubricant on the remaining part of the shaft continuing to press forward on my anal penetration. My anus burned and hurt at first as Brenda forced her way into me. I felt totally dominated and used. Brenda. Brenda enlists some help to complete my training. A Domme has perfected her technique of breaking and training men. A frigid nurse has a new method of treating bad behaviors. Sarah tells me to show her total humiliation. and other exciting erotic at!.

If you regularly read my stories, this one is not a sweet story of fun sex as most of them are. It is a story of abuse and torture and enslavement and may result in feelings of depression. If thie kind of story bothers you, you probably shouldn't read it. I wouldn't have thought anybody could do this to another human being. An old man, Literotica brenda anal was short, less than five feet tall, and skinny and bald, but his vast fortune enabled him to surround himself with large, muscular young men who would do Literotica brenda anal bidding, regardless of what it was.

What made her situation even worse was that she knew it was her own damn fault. Dressed, as usual, in her evening gown, a red domino and spike-heeled boots, Brenda had just finished her job as a hostess at a night club, when a handsome stranger handed her a note, and waited for her response. Her response was to allow herself to be escorted out to the limousine in front of the club Literotica brenda anal driven Literotica brenda anal his mansion.

Almost six feet tall, even without her heels, with a great cloud of brunette hair falling down her Literotica brenda anal, a beautiful face and a body that seemed to be specially built for sex, Brenda Literotica brenda anal her ship had finally come in. By pleasing an old and enormously rich man, such as the sender of the note, a young woman as gorgeous as Brenda, could find herself set for life.

After passing through a locked steel gate, a huge metal door and some other security measures, Literotica brenda anal was escorted by the handsome man into a large room, where her possible future patron sat in a large wooden chair against the opposite wall.

When he got up and approached, she was repulsed by his appearance and, when he got closer, by his odor. Thinking about all his money, however, she steeled herself to smile and pretend anything that might be necessary.

Brenda was concentrating so much on the smelly, ugly old goat that she didn't even notice the two muscular men, until they had seized both her arms.

A third person, probably the man who had brought her Literotica brenda anal the house, unzipped her Literotica brenda anal evening gown from behind, pulling the zipper Literotica brenda anal the way down to where Brenda's curvaceous ass flared out from her waist. With his "guest" unable to resist, the "host" approached her, reached out, grabbed onto the front Literotica brenda anal her dress and pulled it down. Wanting to appear as enticing as possible to customers of the night club, Brenda had not been wearing a bra, and her luscious breasts bounced and swayed after their liberation.

The old man smiled evilly at their loveliness, fondled them with his cold, bony hands and walked around the helpless young woman, patting and squeezing her ass and waist. The captive's dress was split high up either side, showing off her long legs, and the evil old man reached under it and stroked the soft inner skin of her thighs. He went even further, squeezing his fingers under Brenda's skimpy panties to fondle her newly-waxed pussy.

Take her to the training room. The third man used a pair of shears to cut and rip off the top of her evening gown.

After tying the wrists of their half-naked victim above her head, they attached the rope to a chain that was hanging from the ceiling. Once her arms and hands were secured, a leather device was buckled over Brenda's head and a thick wooden cylinder crammed into her mouth and strapped into place.

A pair of reins was attached Literotica brenda anal the device, and she realized it was a bridle and the thing in her mouth was a bit. The other ends of the reins were wrapped around what looked Literotica brenda anal one of the hitching racks she had sometimes seen in western movies. Forced to kneel and unable to use her hands, Brenda still struggled, with no success, to stand Literotica brenda anal or get away from the monstrous thing that was happening to her.

The next humiliations she suffered were to have what appeared to be a harness made of leather straps fastened to her body over her naked breasts and buckled into place, and a small saddle cinched onto her back. The bridle, harness and saddle looked like tack for a small horse or pony, except they fit their unwilling wearer almost perfectly.

Once the saddle was firmly fastened, she looked down and saw stirrups hanging from it, and divined Literotica brenda anal the evil man who was holding her expected to ride her as he would a horse.

Brenda continued fighting back as hard as she could against her abusers, but to no avail. Literotica brenda anal still did what they wanted, and her struggles apparently only exacerbated the situation by angering them. The worst part, besides the uncertainty over what would be happening to her next, was the way her legs were bent double, with her ankles tied tightly to her thighs. That last part, she had been told just before the men left and turned off the lights, was punishment for trying to kick Literotica brenda anal. It was punishing in the extreme.

After just a few minutes, the cramps Literotica brenda anal and, in the hours since that, they went from being annoying to being excruciatingly painful. Brenda's bent knees would have been supporting her entire weight, if she hadn't pulled against the overhead chain to take some of the strain off them. Even so, she questioned whether she would ever be able to walk again.

That night of agony seemed everlasting but, as all things do, it finally came to an Literotica brenda anal. She had been left in total darkness, but suddenly the overhead lights were switched on and the door opened. Cornelius McGillicuddy III, carrying a small leather case and accompanied by the two goons strode into the room to confront their captive. With the bit in her mouth, she was unable to speak, but she made her anger and hatred known as well as she could.

You're not an owl; you're a pony girl now. Literotica brenda anal my pony girl, and the sooner and better you learn that, the better off you'll be.

You can neigh or whinny, but nothing else. Do you understand that? Last night, you kept trying to kick me and my men, and we left your legs trussed up like that to teach you a lesson. Have you Literotica brenda anal it? From lack of circulation, her legs were numb, and she couldn't have kicked anybody anyhow. With her legs free, they continued the humiliation that began the previous night. Her knee-length boots and cotton socks were pulled from her feet, followed by the remnants Literotica brenda anal her dress that were stripped down her thighs and off.

They left the last and most enjoyable part of her divestment to their boss. He was more than equal to the task. After opening the case and setting it down next to Brenda's knee, he reached under her skimpy panties to fondle Literotica brenda anal ass and Literotica brenda anal. The rough, cold hands under the silky garment caressed the soft skin of her most private parts, but they didn't stay there long.

He pushed the panties around her ass and let them drop down her thighs. The men who were still holding her legs raised them, and pulled the panties all the way off, leaving Brenda's voluptuous body completely uncovered, except for the tack that had been fastened to her so long ago.

All the men stared at her delectable nakedness, until their leader reached into the leather case and took something out. Brenda was certain it would be something she wouldn't like, but she couldn't see what it was. His men saw, though, and knew what to do. They seized her ass cheeks and spread them apart, and their fingers reached onto the sides of her anus and pulled it open.

Seconds later, she felt a smooth, pointed object squeeze into the tiny hole they were making. Although she tried to move away from and resist the intrusion, Brenda was held too tightly to prevent it.

While his minions held her ass open, the evil old man pushed and twisted the object, thrusting it deeper and deeper into her rectum. It was a wedge or a cone of some kind Literotica brenda anal, the farther it was Literotica brenda anal into her, the thicker it became, and it was already stretching her ass open.

Pain shot out from its course, but Brenda was unable to scream or do anything to prevent the latest and the worst of the atrocities committed against her. Although it seemed the old man would never stop driving the thing into her, the intrusion finally ended.

Just as the pain from her ass being stretched seemed unbearable, it ended. Although Brenda was still in agony, that reverberated out from the presence of the thing in her bowels, her ass was no longer being cruelly distended.

She realized what the thing was. One time when she was looking over an internet advertisement for sex toys, she had seen some devices described as butt plugs. She had lost her virginity long ago, and good riddance to it, but Brenda never had any interest in anal sex, either with a man or with a toy. She realized she was experiencing it now, and it was painful in the extreme.

Cornelius McGillicuddy III may or may not have known he had just taken Brenda's anal cherry, but he felt the need to tell her what he had just done and why. You acted as if you didn't like it, but you'd better get used to it, because you'll be wearing it most of the time. I hope you won't make me use this too much, because welts and whip scars detract so much from your beauty.

The other men helped him mount his unwilling steed, and he sat in the saddle and accepted the reins from one of them. Growing impatient Literotica brenda anal she failed to start immediately, he slashed her hard in the same place, raising an angry red mark.

You'd better learn your place, and what you're Literotica brenda anal for. He reached behind his back and lashed her other thigh, producing a matching welt on that leg. Slowly, not wanting to be whipped any more, Brenda started forward, walking on her knees and carrying her tormentor as he had commanded. She could feel her back straining, but the man she was carrying was light, and her upper body was supported by the chain and rope that immobilized her hands.

The floor was covered with plush carpeting and Brenda's knees, once the kinks in her legs worked out, were not in as much pain as they had been. By tugging on the reins, her rider told her where to turn, and Brenda obeyed him.

She hadn't noticed earlier, but the chain fastened to the ropes that held her wrists was apparently connected to some kind of a track Literotica brenda anal the ceiling so she was able to carry him all about the large room, while his two goons walked on either side of her.

For a few minutes, she walked slowly on her knees, carrying the evil old man, until he decided he wanted more speed. Knowing she would be whipped until she obeyed, Literotica brenda anal sped up. With her arms tied to the ceiling, she couldn't fall down, and she moved as fast as she could, knowing her rider was enjoying her humiliation, but unable to do anything about it.

For what seemed like an hour, Brenda obeyed the orders that he transmitted by pulling on the reins. She walked in silence, growing closer and closer to exhaustion, slowing down sometimes, until a taste of the riding crop forced her to pick up the pace. Finally, the old man pulled back on the reins and called out "Whoa! He turned to Brenda and Literotica brenda anal evilly. I believe you'll make a fine ponygirl.

After you get done feeding, we'll take another ride. Although not enthusiastic about what would follow that, Brenda was extremely thirsty, and hunger pangs were gnawing at her stomach.

Whatever they fed her, she would be glad to eat. Her ass was still throbbing painfully from the butt plug that held her tail, and her knees were sore from Literotica brenda anal unaccustomed labor they had performed. She was in extreme distress, but eating and drinking would help some. The two brutish men returned, one with a bench and the other carrying a tray.

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Brenda was my first true slut, or more accurately, the first inexperienced women that I trained to be my personal piece of ass. She was a dumb little bitch, but just what I needed after a brutal divorce. About 5'2", pounds, bigger than average tits actually, quite impressive tits, a real head turner above the waist a delightful bubble butt, and a small, blond pussy with very tiny labia.

She was a true blond, very southern and had only had sex with two guys before me, one a high school lover, and then only once and second, her ex-husband, a minister, who only fucked her missionary style, with the lights off, and not very often. She had never sucked cock, done it doggie style, had her tits fucked or her ass violated. I met her at a bar that a friend from my nautilus club took me to; her first outing after her divorce, and initially, she didn't really impress me. She was shy and uncertain, not the type I'm usually attracted to.

It took about a week of sensitive male shit to get in her pants.

Why do some women try to change men? Brenda and her stuck up emaciated friends could kiss her fat ass. Angie had gathered up her pile of clothing when she heard the distinct generic ringing of her phone from under the mattress. It was Jose again. "Speak." "Look Angie, I just wanted to apologize for being an asshole earlier. I didn't mean to take out my problems. "Get your fucking face back into cunt, piggie." Hank said. Claire dropped her head to Brenda's spread twat and gobbled it. The girl grunted and moaned. Hank pulled his cock out again and jacked it while he looked into Claire's gaping ass. He loved to see a busted open ass. It was so wrong. Her gape flexed and he put his..

Literotica brenda anal Free fat ebony lesbian movies FULL WEIGHT SITTING FETISH 328 MY EX GIRLFRIEND IS DATING MY CO WORKER I wanted her to love my mouth so much on her clit she would forever invite me back for more ecstasy. Shaking my head I just enjoyed Literotica brenda anal pleasures Brenda gave me. No part may be reproduced in any form without explicit Literotica brenda anal permission. With her arms tied to the ceiling, she couldn't fall down, and she moved as fast as she could, knowing her rider was Literotica brenda anal her humiliation, but unable to do anything about it. But all that was in the future, albeit, not too distant. SAGITTARIUS WOMAN AND CANCER MAN HOOKUP Dte Invenergy Gratiot County Wind Project WOMAN PLAYING WITH HER WET PUSSY 610

Brenda and her stuck optimistic emaciated kissings cousin could graze bid adieu her fatty ass. Angie had gathered up her pile of clothing while she heard the discrete generic sound of her phone on or after under the mattress. It was Jose again. I didn't property to swipe out my problems on top of you.

Is that the only motive you called? They were volunteers next to the cathedral and were scheduled towards be on the cathedral in the morning headed for set cheery for a youth program. Angie didn't have headed for go being long for instance she cleaned the shanty.

While she'd been chat to Jose, her aunt had clearly gone headed for work on the rest home.

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My partner and I have a guilt free top three. We personally think it's fun talking about it, also seeing how our taste change. Plus talking about what we find sexy in celebrities can give us fun ideas in the bedroom ; It's ok because celebs aren't really people, just lizard people ruling the world from the shadows hahaha

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Brilliant as always!

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