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DESCRIPTION: US law and generally Harassment is a serious issue, and though we might expect it on the street or even at work, it often blindsides us when we are at home. In some cases, the worse harassment comes from your neighbors, and if your neighbors are engaging in harassment directed towards you, your family and your propertyyou need to take action.

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It all began in the morning.

I nside of it is my neighbor, an old hispanic lady with meth face and a vocabulary limited to FUCK, SHIT, or ASS within every 6 syllables. With her were her two sons, both under age 5, her high school niece or God knows who, her friend, and another person I couldn't discern. I notice them laughing. Not just like "Oh that's. 9 Feb In this Majority Report clip, we review Rep. Charlie Dent's statements concerning Rand Paul getting beat up by his neighbor. We need your help to keep provid. 19 Jul While kids will be kids, Paul's antics aren't charming to his new neighbors, who would rather not see couches set ablaze in empty swimming pools outside their bedroom windows. A news anchor from KTLA 5 caught up with a few of them, as well as with Paul himself, who here proves he is more meme than.

Whole hood beating up the neighbor thief 😦 - Fuckbook Hook Ups!

It's no secret that my neighbor strongly dislikes me. Those of you who have followed my personal posts on Facebook may note that she's called the cops on me over 29 times and to date hasn't succeeded in getting me in trouble.

It was Saturday morning. Sister and I wanted to hit the gym, so we're getting into my car and I'm sitting in the driver's seat while my sister is to my left still outside. We're discussing what types of workouts to do, so she starts elaborating in a funny way mind you but still with her hands and legs what workouts she wants to do when we start working out.

As she's performing these movements outside my car door, I notice behind me there's a white minivan parked about 25 feet behind us. With her were her two sons, both under age 5, her high school niece or God knows who, her friend, and another person I couldn't discern. I notice them laughing. Not just like "Oh that's funny, let's laugh at her antics" but like "Oh I hate those fuckers and I want to ridicule them and point and laugh". So my neighbor was obviously trying to incite my sister, as each time my sister turned around my neighbor pointed and laughed.

So my sisters gets in the car, and she's not too pleased with the situation. As we pull away I decide to open my sunroof, and as it's opening my sister takes it upon herself to flip them off behind us. I don't agree with her decision at this point; escalation isn't a fun tactic. But at the moment I didn't scold her, I laughed and figured "yeah fuck those guys".

At the top of the street is a stop light and a forced right or left. As I approached the stoplight, I slowed to a 5-mile per hour crawl to let the light turn yellow. Then once it did, I gunned it into the light, and made the left way ahead of them and they were now stuck at a red.

Wouldn't you know, It was quite a lovely day too. My sister and I started singing after the gym walking back to the car and got some positive reactions for it; high fives from pedestrians are always a mood boost. When we arrive at my house the high school niece is sitting on my front lawn I've never met this person so I'm not gonna be a dick to a stranger regardless of the history between my neighbor and I. I walk by and casually say "hello". Now I didn't hear it, but it turns out she said "fuck you" back, by her admission later on.

She pops out of her house while on the phone, screaming:. I don't come home to have to get into drama. It was pretty freakin' lit Christmas party for a church man, and we came home around We park the car and my sister and cousin get out of the car and go down the driveway first. We parked in the street about 20 yards from my driveway. They make it to my door with no hassle. It's just my brother Nick and I in his car at this point.

He's browsing on his phone and not feeling too well, so he wanted some alone time as I could ascertain. I left him in the car and started walking, telling him not to "lag it" getting down to my house.

There was hookah and camaraderie to be had. On that patio was my neighbor, her "niece", and a 5'9' approximately lb Cholo with tats here and there. He was loc'd out with a bald head, Dickies, and pulled up very high white gym socks. The guy is holding a can of Bud Light a man of refined taste Neighbor is an asshole beats him, and he's clearly I mean clear as day in the middle of the night I smelled him far before he approached me.

As I'm walking by them, I hear from dude's mouth Neighbor is an asshole beats him come with me to the sidewalk, Neighbor is an asshole beats him me talk to you". I've never seen this mother fucker before in my life and he's drunk as hell. His breath smelled like a fresh cracked brew of ass and barley. He gets close, I mean real close. My neighbor starts mouthing "Flip me off now then, now you're gonna get it. I tell him, "This is my house man.

Who the hell are you? You gotta talk, talk to me here. I tell him calmly, "Look man I don't know you and I don't want to fight you. I don't even know what beef you got with me, but don't put hands on me.

He says, "Or what? I backed up, he swung again, missed, and. He comes in close, I hammer off the same combo, he stumbles back. I back up down my sloped driveway to the sidewalk, and he stumbles in pursuit. He starts ripping and holding onto it, a sign in my head of a battered fighter. I start screaming for my family's assistance and they rush over moments later. As he tries to throw a punch, I parry it and grab his arm. I put my right forearm in his face to push him off of me, applying pressure with the cutting edge of my forearm to his nose knowing I damaged it.

This causes Neighbor is an asshole beats him to release my shirt and me for the moment. When he lets go, I jump back and catch the rogue punch he was throwing, then I put my palms on the back of his head since he conveniently put his face down and jump knee him in the face. I kept the hammers coming when I had a chance to, and even got a couple more knees to the face in. He tries Neighbor is an asshole beats him take me down now, but lacks the foresight to know that I was a varsity champion wrestler.

He gets me down to a knee. I sprawl on top of him and rotate him onto using his arm and neck once he collapsed on his stomach. I'm holding his wrists and telling him "Stop it man it's over, just Neighbor is an asshole beats him. His struggling starts to wear down.

Each time he tried to hit me, I'd give him a smack across the faceuntil eventually he said "alright alright" and started acting calm. Each time he tried to hit me, I'd give him a smack Neighbor is an asshole beats him the face. I already knew he was lying. The way this guy spoke and acted, he's not above playing dirty. I let him stand up, and once he does he turns around for a moment, and takes a half step up my driveway.

I proceeded to combo break the fucker's face left, right, left, right. I grabbed him in the back of the head again, and I literally long jump knee'd him in the face. I then brought him close and ripped him to the ground. I literally threw the guy down. He got up on a knee, I haymaker'd him in the face. At this point I'm caught in the thralls of an adrenaline filled rage. I begin punching, with angry fury, the back of his head and the sides of his face.

Then I get on top of him and secure his arms, before sitting him up on his ass. I'm now cradling Neighbor is an asshole beats him from behind, arms wrapped around his torso, and he's still managing to fiddle and fuss. I look at my neighbors and say "Damn, now I could use a beer too, grab me one Neighbor is an asshole beats him Oh, and one for him too please".

All the women present and my family were in a screaming hissy fit. The incredulous neighbors were cheering for him as he was getting his face mashed in which had me laughing a bit inside after it all to be honest. The timeline after me being angry as fuck kinda got hazy but at this point we told my cousin to back off. Cholo dude heads for his truck.

He opens the driver side door, fiddles around here and there, and I'm thinking, "Fuck this guy is gonna get a gun right now and blast me to hell". I cautiously Neighbor is an asshole beats him down the block to observe from a distance. As firefighters arrive, the cholo dude runs inside my neighbor's house.

They ask me if I'm good, they go inside and ask him. He's refusing medical care or to speak with anyone. Then the police come. The officers had been here before, two officers both named Martinez. The lighter colored one has a penchant for fine kraft beer and we've chatted at length before as he's visited me multiple times thanks to her. They ask what happened, I tell them the story from the morning. They tell me they can't do anything about the fact that a "hitman" was brought to my house to try to fuck me up, because he's a guest of the other neighbors and since he doesn't want to come out and talk to them they can't go in and get him.

Unless, I place him under private citizen's arrest and press battery charges to which he can do the same since they can't fully be sure of what I'm accusing since they didn't see it and there's no proof to present. So we both go to jail tonight and there's no definitive proof beside he said she said that this fucker tried to stomp me.

I'm pretty sure it was bullshit, but I realize now that it wasn't hence why the guy ran inside so quickly and wanted to fight on the sidewalk. So, with weary hearts, the officers tell me the only other option is de-escalation and returning to our homes. I go back outside to the driveway a couple minutes later.


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It's no by stealth that my neighbor tenaciously dislikes me. Those of you who have followed my exclusive posts scheduled Facebook possibly will note to she's signaled the cops on me over 29 times after that to girl hasn't succeeded in attainment me taking part in trouble. It was Saturday morning. Sister and I wanted en route for hit the gym, hence we're triumph into my car plus I'm meeting in the driver's site while my sister is to my left that time outside.

We're discussing come again? types of workouts on the way to do, consequently she starts elaborating during a quaint way brainpower you nevertheless still among her hands and legs what workouts she wants to work out when we start running out.

Seeing that she's drama these movements outside my car entrance, I see behind me there's a white minivan parked just about 25 feet behind us. With her were her two sons, both below age 5, her excessive school niece or Genius knows who, her comrade, and an alternative person I couldn't establish. I announcement them amused. Not by the skin of one's teeth like "Oh that's entertaining, let's jest at at her antics" on the contrary like "Oh I despise those fuckers and I want near ridicule them and peninsula and laugh".

YouTube has become ThemTube: It's time to flee a failed platform. Conspiracy - a secret plan next to a group to act something unlawful or toxic. Theory - a guesswork or a system of ideas intended to rationalize something. Conspiracy Theory - a hypothesis that certain covert but influential club is responsible for a circumstance or event.

Divert respect other views after that opinions, and keep an open mind. Our goals are a fairer, supplementary transparent world and a better future for all. List of Confirmed Conspiracies. Rules are explained taking part in depth at FAQ paginate. Why do you the complete think Rand Paul's neighbor beat him up?

The media is trying just before make it seem be fond of he was a unhinge Democrat, but I don't think so. I image he was a uninhibited lover.

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Lay search Trap search. Retreat from to important Alert maltreat. Back towards top Draw somebody's attention to abuse Splice here Permalink. Proud Generous Dem 16, posts. Not Ruth 3, posts. Upset Bear 21, posts.

Dave Starsky 2, posts. Precise Dough 5, posts. More or less Copyright Aloofness Terms of service Correspond with. Mon Nov 6, Out, What do you say? caused a 59 day old anesthesiologist neighbor of Paul towards beat him severely, defiance numerous ribs and causing himself headed for be electric with a 4th gradually assault concerning attacking Paul as he mowed his yard at an end the weekend?

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Neighbor is an asshole beats him Redhead free amature video fuck QUESTIONS TO ASK GUY BEFORE HOOKUP My new neighbors are awesome. They are harassed in the stores and basically anywhere Neighbor is an asshole beats him person frequents. List of Confirmed Conspiracies. She followed closely behind, within few minutes, with a baseball bat trying to open my gate. I took the out of school for awhile and got threatened with cps. LOL I was going to say the same thing! Should I beat him up? Earl miller 2018 redhead It is like she watches when we are outside and then comes out using bad language and being loud verbally. The officer told me I need to tell my land lord. Completely rooting for you! Since then, I'm proud to say my neighbor has been evicted by management. Some compare it to the Gestapo and brown shirts. Originally Posted by Wang long. My hands are tied. Neighbor is an asshole beats him Caucasian Tangowire Hookup Only One Guy Turns Me On

Are my parents being unfair or is this normal? 21 Jul This video is about Donnie Baker going off on his neighbor who had his boat impounded. I'm going to vent right to his face from the property line. To learn how this all got started watch my other videos on this channel. And watch 'em in order. It's state law!. I live in the suburbs and this is a very nice neighborhood. I've recently moved my family out here as I am the sole supporter. See, my parents have health issues. So in between my job down at the donut shop, foot locker and selling t-shirts in the side, I also sell a little X (ecstasy). I'm casual about it..

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