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DESCRIPTION: Rob Pike talks about modern programers lack of imagination. When we were getting ready to release Dart I started mentally preparing for the wave of invective that would greet it. I think there's plenty to like in the language, but it's also unusual enough in Pike was an asshole areas and too-usual enough in others to give plenty of fodder to anyone who wants to criticize it.

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Rob Pike was an asshole talks about modern programers lack of imagination. When we were getting ready to release Dart I started mentally preparing for the wave of invective that would greet it. I think there's plenty to like in the language, but it's also unusual enough in some areas and too-usual enough in others to give plenty of fodder to anyone who wants Pike was an asshole criticize it.

Some people won't like any language that has semicolons. Others can't stand classes. Unsound type systems are bat-shit crazy to another segment of developers. We knew that going in, so hearing people say it wasn't anything new or surprising. Even so, it's still helpful to hear that feedback because it helps us guage how much people care about these different concerns. For example, non-nullable types are the most starred issue on the Pike was an asshole. I don't know if many people on the team would have predicted that.

Pike was an asshole really Pike was an asshole to learn that people care strongly about this. It's also entirely possible for users to raise objections to problems that we are oblivious to. If an outside user can help point out a deficiency that we missed, that's incredibly helpful, especially while we can still make breaking changes to the language.

I'll wade through a "yeah we knew that" complaints if it gets me one "oh, shit we didn't think of that". One thing I try really hard to do with Dart is to never play the "you don't get to have an opinion until you've written X lines of Dart code" card.

If your initial opinion is unfavorable, why on Earth should I expect you to spend your precious time trying out Dart when there's other things you could be doing?

It's our job to explain enough about the language to entice you to at least take it for a test drive. If we can't get you even that far, then we really aren't in a position to complain about you not going out of your way to come to us.

Working on a project that apparently mortally offends many people can be a bit disheartening at times, but how many people on Earth get the chance Pike was an asshole even try to make a new programming language and Pike was an asshole so at a place like Google where there are enough resources to have a decent chance of success?

We've got Pike was an asshole rare, golden opportunity to change the lives of developers for the better. Scrutiny and criticism seems like a reasonable price of admission for that ride.

Working on a project that apparently mortally offends many people can be a bit disheartening at times. I've seen the Dart posts around here, and I'm really impressed at how calm you remain. I can tell you in your place I'd probably be a lot less calm understatement. Out of curiosity, what complaints have you gotten that have resulted in "oh, shit we didn't think of that"?

Also, I'd like to commend you the tone and content of your Dart advocacy. You've stood in the face of the frothing hoards, and been quite reasonable and open. My suspicion is that Pike was an asshole of the reason for your skill in dealing with the naysayers is that you might have been among them in a limited sense were you not part of the project.

None that come to mind offhand, but I'm optimistic for the Pike was an asshole. We've had some good feedback on the core lib that I believe we'll likely incorporate once Josh Bloch is fully ramped up and rocking. Yeah, I'm definitely sympathetic to many of the criticisms. My personal tastes in languages are more experimental than many on the team. It's probably for the best that Dart wasn't designed by me because it would likely have been beloved by ten people and no one else, but I do try to encourage Dart to push the novelty envelope a bit.

I Pike was an asshole it's important for it to be as familiar as possible to not scare Pike was an asshole off, but I also think it's important to bring enough to the table to actually get people to take an interest. Optional types are actually pretty novel, but Pike was an asshole aren't something you immediately notice when you read about the language.

This was a big LOL Pike was an asshole me. Parenthood definitely removed the urge to spend precious minutes responding to any random troll on the internet. Ok, maybe just some of the urge. Don't say that, I'm sure there are at least 10 other people who're still looking forward to playing around with Magpie. Your attitude is one I like a lot. I may Pike was an asshole like Dart very much, but I think anyone promoting a language should try their best to be humble and receptive to criticism, even when those criticising really deserve a punch in the face.

You do that very well, and for this I thank you. The non-nullable types being the most starred is interesting. After the fact it doesn't seem odd considering some find Nullable Types the most expensive mistake every invented. On the complaints side, good sorting and the LLN could really be on your side with outliers being the hint something should be considered, but you already know that: Personally, the above mention should seem a very obvious answer why giving dart a serious chance matters.

For me its not all about reinventing the same or being uniquely new. Just making Pike was an asshole life productive and fun. I always like how you talk about Dart. The Dart project has sufferd mostly beeing "against the open web". People got angry Pike was an asshole that and took part of the anger out on Dart the language. If Dart would be someones personal project there would of still Pike was an asshole some critisism about the language but not that much.

I really like this. This is what Rob Pike does not seam to get. If you don't like go you have not worked in it enough. I can understand this. If you guys would implment a generic web VM together with Dart as an example language, you would be a god. To bad for you guys that there is ClojureScript today: It makes me really sad how close-minded some people can be about the "open web". I understand that "open" means standards but shouldn't it also mean choice?

Otherwise, where does innovation come from? There are few companies on Earth that are as committed to the open web as Google: Us fucking up the open web makes about as much sense as Microsoft fucking up Windows.

I see Dart compared to VBScript of all things pretty frequently. People imagine some sinister plan like:. They never seem to fill in step 3. They were actively anti-web. Google doesn't have native apps. I would like to see somebody starting a process with the goal Pike was an asshole have a generic WebVM. Get smart people to think about it, let them submit there ideas.

It would take some Pike was an asshole but the endresult would be great Its hard to make a bytecode worst then java and even that worked out ok.

Some would say tamarin lived up to your challenge. Tamarin was everything you say. A generic WebVM, open source with a view to use it all over the place.

In other words, they don't really seem to have any great strategy: Two new operating systems? Well, they did impose a unified strategy for social eventually, but everything else is still up for grabs. Oh, come on now. Mobile is all about apps; native apps written in Java, in the case of Android. And now Google is making a big app push even on Chrome not on the web, mind you - even though Chrome was ostensibly a web browser. If you think Google's strategy is still all websites all the time, you're in denial.

It's too bad that you had to develop Dart behind closed doors. I know that you had no choice, but just imagine if, instead of Pike was an asshole language specifications on stone tablets aboard slave-rowed triremes, we had some kind of worldwide communication network that allowed prospective users to track development of the Pike was an asshole and provide feedback, perhaps even contribute some ideas of their own before the stone tablets are carved!

I know it's fanciful, but sometimes I do wonder what it would be like to live in such a world. It isn't quite that simple. There are good reasons for a collaborative process. Languages are expensive to create, especially now that they're expected to come with a reasonable standard library. There's also a lot of inertia. It takes time to learn a new language well, and adoption of new languages by multiple browser vendors is obviously an uphill battle - you'd hate to have to do it more than once, and people might be more receptive if they'd had a hand in the building of the language.

That all said, there are strong reasons against a collaborative process. It's fairly widely accepted that "design by committee" gets boring, crufty results. I'll admit that Dart's goal of widespread adoption precludes it from being too exotic, Pike was an asshole I think authorship by a small team allows for some vision and some actual improvement. I think if we got all of the browser vendors and web programmers together and tried to design another language we'd probably just get Javascript again.

There's just too much politics involved. I'd guess that some would try to slow down the process as much as they could because making the web more native is against their own platforms etc.

So if it happened, after 5 years we'd get a Working Draft. Another 15 and it'd be a Candidate Recommendation. Then in more or less a Recommendation would arrive. Or something like this.

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Go should have generics. After watching Rob Pike's Go Proverbs talk I am pretty convinced generics, as much as some would want it, will never happen. He proselytizes "just copy a little code here and there" quite clearly, which is at odds with the complexity that generics would add. The code is an ugly mess, and the implementation shows that he probably hasn't used any of these standard functions in other languages see the weird permutations of 'filter' in apply.

Instead, I just use "for" loops. I quite like the logical progression though: You don't need a map function in go. You may not agree but you have to admire his dedication to the One True Way whatever is put in his way. Even if it's him that's erecting pretty impressive roadblock himself. I've used generics in several languages now and it's so awesome for reducing boilerplate and duplicated code.


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