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About ME: Hi! my name is Dionne, 22 years old from Miami: My favorite movie "The Lickerish Quartet" and favorite book about sex "A Spot of Bother". I am looking for something specific, in that i want to find an above average package. In addition please do not friend me unless you plan on opening dialogue with me. I would like to see your pictures before me meet.

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Comment replies consisting solely of images will be removed. Mod posts Serious posts Megathread Breaking news Unfilter. If penis size doesn't matter then why are dildos always so big? Thanks for the confidence but I'm secure with my manhood. Wow, I can't believe this post got so much attention. To clarify things, I've seen a couple of different penis size posts and the trend seems to be that most girls are more worried about the "motion than the ocean".

Anyway, I guess being a man I never realized that you actually have to have a few inches for a handle. Learn something new every day. The penis size doesn't matter so much, unless you have a micropenis less than 3 inches or a super long penis Huge dicks and dildos would hurt the girl during intercourse.

Look, average penis size is just inches, forget about your penis size, and just work on being confident man, and you would be fine. I would presume lots Huge dicks and dildos men are insecure about their penis size, because they watch too much porn, where the penis size of the pornographic actors are much larger than the mean size.

Just like how the size of Huge dicks and dildos breasts on a porn set would be way bigger than the B cup average. A number of people are asking about what penis sizes would be too large. Roughly speaking, anything about 8 inches would be considered really large.

Obviously it Huge dicks and dildos depends on your partner, since women have different vagina depth. Also, penis girth circumference is also another important factor in sex. Take it slow, especially at first. Mix slow with fast. Titillate her with words and imagery, etc.

Your sky's the limit! Every time one of these thread comes up, everyone talks about the 5 inch people that are so sad about their average size. Do they not have some real right to be sad? As a man that is above average, sex is the worst. It is always painful for her, to the point where its just not fun. As a man that is below average, sex is the worst. It's always boring for her, to the point where it's just not fun.

As a man that is just right, sex is the worst. She was sleeping in my bed, and ate all my porridge, it really wasn't fun. I prefer to think of it like those Extend-a-Hand thingies that old folks use to grasp and retrieve canned goods from a place they have no business being in the first place, like on top of the fucking cupboard. Or, as it's better known in these parts, "The Cervix Tickler".

It's Huge dicks and dildos as fun as it sounds, though. They make little finger extenders too, with all manner of ribbing and studding. I've read 3 comments in the past 10 seconds explaining that girth is circumference, not diameter. There is a very complicated equation that I use to determine ideal masterbatory conditions. I knew southpaws would pick up on that. No awkward switching hands to scroll with the mouse for us!

By which I mean, accidentally. How many awesome discoveries where made completely by accident? I see you were talking about the 2". I feel dumb now, but will leave this here for people to learn math! From what I understand, clitoral stimulation is more effective in most women than actual penetration. If anything you should be asking why women love vibrators when natural Penis's don't vibrate.

I've thought about those. How well do they stay in place? It doesn't seem like it'd be hitting the lady at the right spot. Doesn't sound like there's much room for the ol in-out for it to be effective in that way? Or maybe she sits on top of you? She could still move around plenty and keep the ring in constant contact.

I was seeing a girl in October and she decided to bust one out. I was drunk enough to not really care, plus I wasnt against the idea to begin with. It does take away your ability for the ol' in-and-out motion and you have to do a more wave-like motion but I certainly was not complaining.

From MY experience with women clitoral stimulation is kind of like Huge dicks and dildos stimulation of the head of the penis after a guy reaches orgasm. It feels good but it can be over stimulating. After a certain point it just becomes too much. Stimulating the g-spot, however, can be done basically indefinitely and brings about deeper, longer lasting, and more satisfying orgasms.

Hitting the g-spot doesn't even require a long or thick penis, it simply requires the correct angle. The first, the man kneels down and leans back with his hips pushed forward. The woman lies on her back and raises herself up so that she is on her shoulder blades and feet, raising her vagina Huge dicks and dildos to the same level as the man's penis. The man reaches down and grasps her buttocks, partially for control and partially to help her support her weight.

The thrusting is done mostly by the man with as much of an up and down Huge dicks and dildos as possible. This means that the penis is pointed almost vertically and each inward thrust makes the head of the penis hit the g-spot. For Huge dicks and dildos stimulation you can place one hand on her pubis and rub her clitoris with your thumb. The other position has the woman lying face down with her legs together.

The man then straddles the top of her thighs and penetrates her. Moving Huge dicks and dildos far up her thighs as possible and even up onto her buttocks again positions the penis almost vertically.

The man then places his hands on the mattress and lifts most of the weight off of his knees. Using primarily his arms the man then rhythmically pushes the mattress up and down which causes the thrusts.

Again, the Huge dicks and dildos of the penis pushes directly against the g-spot on the way in. Added stimulation is a little bit trickier but can be done by reaching underneath the woman and stimulating her clitoris with the fingers. The one with the woman lying face down does require a slightly longer penis because her buttocks will keep your hips a bit farther away but since these positions use the inward thrusting and the tip of the penis to stimulate the g-spot it does not require anything remotely resembling a large penis.

For anyone who is unclear as to where the g-spot is roughly located. This picture also illustrates another way to stimulate the g-spot that doesn't, in fact, require a penis of any kind. I'm getting a lot of angry replies telling me that I'm giving irresponsible, wrong, stupid, useless, and unfounded advice because there Huge dicks and dildos women out there that can't have orgasms from penetration, don't have a g-spot, and scientific studies have shown that the g-spot doesn't exist.

This post was meant to share my experience and what I have learned in my sexual encounters. If your experience has been different and you or your partners don't orgasm off of vaginal penetration or stimulation of the g-spot then fine your experience has been different! I never claimed to be an expert, I never claimed that these techniques would work on all women, I said that these positions were guaranteed to stimulate the g-spot.

You can quote all the scientific studies you want, you can spout off on how many times it has been proven false, you can tell me over and over again that the g-spot doesn't exist and stimulating it Huge dicks and dildos bring about an orgasm.

Guess what, my wife and my previous sexual partners will Huge dicks and dildos disagree with you. And even if you are correct about the non-existence of the g-spot I still don't give a fuck because I routinely make my wife pass out from mind blowing, sweating, heaving, earth shaking orgasms that leave her absolutely breathless, speechless and unable to walk for a good hour afterwards. That being the case I'm betting that I have a clue what I'm doing. I've only experienced that with someone who goes in there all aggressively and starts hammering down with circle motions and whatnot.

Have the girl you're with show you how she does it and there shouldn't be much overstimulation. Man, my g spot makes me hurt and have to pee. No rule about any sexual experience is universal. I hate when my boyfriend tries to stimulate it. It sucks I can't enjoy it though. Before anyone suggests I try to get past it, I have. It really is painful and uncomfortable.

I don't want suggestions lol.

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  • Problems: So How Does Fishing Really Work?

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Chat with x Hamster Live girls now! To watch the video you need to enable Javascript in your browser. Download Download video in p quality 81 Mb. Leave a comment Comments Please log in or register to post comments. Log in Sign up now. Vaginas are extremely elastic and most comments about having it get "stretched out" are myths based in ignorance.

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  • Name: Etta
  • Age: 30
  • Heigh: 5'.4"
  • Weight: 49 kg.
  • Drinker: Light drinker
  • Sex position: Sensation play

  • Sex "toys": Strap-on dildo

  • Films (about sex): Zid (2014 film)

About ME: I want to have a pretty good time wit someone. Someone with a adventurous personality. I would love to hear from you. I am attractive, funny, able to carry good conversation, like to have fun and try different things. I am not sure what to be expecting but i am giving it a try.

1st date visiting his town? My ex loved to get both her holes filled. This is a one that I saved, from big collection of our hot sex life! ;). HD. 2 min. 61, hits. % 39 8. 0. Tags: anal asshole dildo big hot cock real amateur dick penetration double kinky moan finland. Huge Anus Fucks Giant Cocks - Double anal with huge dildos free..

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