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About ME: Hi! my name is Patty, 29 years old from Overland Park: My favorite movie "The Right Way (film)" and favorite book about sex "The Painted Veil (novel)". I am down to earth, straightforward, honest and good company, highly educated, and i speak 3 languages fluently. I hope for the best. I love reading and drawing. So i come on here to find some freaks ,but hopefully not actual freaks! Deep throat is my speciality

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Mateus MBS: Standing there when the door wasn't open, that is some next level petty shit. I like it

Rita Sfair: The Nigerian girl is beautiful like Mother Nature turned into an earthly body and the Japanese guy looks so kawaisou. I'm rooting for him, very authentic ;)

Poison Ivy: The Iraqi girl is soo beautiful

Ven Atta: Seems like the guys actually guessed right?

Zeratul Rus: Sexiest Spanish? I think the title goes for the Chilean.

Juraj HraЕЎko: All of these guy are completely out of their league. That was funny to watch. It's remind me of the meme would not bang``

John Donikian: Faithful Female from USA

Jbjb9402: Now she is talking bad about argentinian Men.Why? Do you think that in the other countries, the Men is better than the argentinian? I think your a bad person.

Martin Von M: How dare you judge mathias lauridsen like that the Guy is perfection

Douglas Lund: What about Slovakia? That would be lovely : cheers

Paola Rojas: I liked the Estonian one best here :D

Buba Dubi: I could barely understand the French lady i speak French fluently x)

Roya Mehr: Las actrices son venezolanas.


Commentor12: Ya wanna have sex?

Dave Lemoine: Wow she wants to be an equal. how. unsual :D

Cristina A: Denkt aan liedje:

Time Dev: Video about Poland now!

Alexey Volin: She produces in her man the desire to be his best.Nothing on earth is so fine. On this continent, nothing is so rare.

Aaliyah Jamyi: I have to say, this woman must be aboard for VERY long time.

Italo Siddhar: Do some Middle Eastern countries. I have noticed that some Arab men become more relaxed and actually flirt with woman when they come to North America, so its important to show that side since not all Arabs are extremely conservative. Hebrew men too, please.

WackyEwan: I was wondering if you could a You Know You are Dating a Australian Woman When. I just watched all of these videos and they were very fun.

Eva Dijkstra: Ma please un cazzooo! xD

Samuel Melo: My sister and I were the ones to wear the brightest colours by far, but we had already known that. Where we're from you also don't usually wear too bright colours. We got a few looks at the beginning, and I don't think we got them just because of our dresses. I think we didn't look too bad this day. Later, they probably noticed how socially awkward we can be^^

Sol Invictus: I have no idea what she was saying and im french xD

TodayLife: I have a Romanian friend and this is 1 accurate! Well done, the guy is hella hot btw. so is the girl

Jann Jumonong: I liked your concept. But, such Pathetic acting spoiled the show throughout. The lead girl was cringe worthy.

JoanaYoshi: Well mostly are stereoytpes (at least in my case the only thing I'm agree is: I fucking love to cook.

Pedro Araujo: Ukrainian women are the most greediest of Europe, I know a Ukrainian-Canadian that wants a man to make $150 0 a year and he needs to have blue eyes with blonde hair.


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9 May And yet, I'm embarrassed to admit, I often feel compelled to trash-talk my partner's exes, even if I've never even seen them in three dimensions. Maybe I'm testing my partner, to see if they'll join in on my trash-talking. Or maybe it's an effort to distinguish myself from the ex—to assert myself as different, and. 11 Sep My ex, who I was with for over a year, picked up with a girl (who I am 90% sure he was cheating with in the last few weeks of our relationship) after I ended things with him. This girl was the definition of white trash. They are apparently still together, over 3 years later, and the way I look at is trash begets trash. 12 May It was typical white trash decor, shocking to no one. We weren't exactly entertaining guests from other neighbourhoods. By the time I was eleven, many of my friends were always being taken off to foster care when their moms had breakdowns or got arrested or had particularly shitty new boyfriends.

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Comment replies consisting solely of images will be removed. Mod posts Serious posts Megathread Breaking news My Ex Is Hookup White Trash. Any of you dated a white trash girl?

I'm not talking about a girl who you lost respect for, and you now call her trash. I mean a genuine wrong-side-of-the-tracks trailer-park girl you dated knowing what you were getting. My first girlfriend ever was pretty white trash. I was 14, and she was She had three nipples.

Ha, she had bad enough acne that one could reach that conclusion. It was actually directly under her right nipple, attached. It looked like a nipple-snowman. I once dated a girl who claimed to be a doctor of fine arts. She worked as a docent at an art museum when I met her so I figured that it was legit. She got fired soon afterwards. While we were dating we'd go over to her families house and they'd have rebel flags up and I shit you not models of Transformer Decepticons displayed on the mantle of their fireplaces.

They seemed nice until one of them came out and started beating up my car one night when we were headed out for a date. I was told that there'd been a misunderstanding and the girl wasn't allowed back home. She sat on my couch for two weeks doing nothing but eating pork rinds and My Ex Is Hookup White Trash TV. I began to wonder what was up so I made a few phone calls doing background checks on her while posing as a potential employer. Long story short, she was a habitual liar and hot check writer.

I found out that she'd never even graduated from school much less was a doctor. She had put her last boyfriend into bankruptcy by having him sign on a car for her and then she defaulted on My Ex Is Hookup White Trash. She had also been arrested a few times for various types of extortion and embezzlement.

I got home from work that night and kicked her out. I got curious a few months ago and found her on facebook. Some are for history nerds, some are kinda genuine, some are just profit making schemes like theme parks with little historical relevance or coherence. What on earth My Ex Is Hookup White Trash the connection between renaissance fairs and hill billies?

Why are they so attracted to one another? She tried to shoot her guinea pig with a what now? It saddens me that people like this inherit this kind of money. Instead, idiots like this get it and piss it away I live in My Ex Is Hookup White Trash pretty trash-populated area.

He has partied it all away. If you're ever on a jury with a large settlement at stake, think long and hard before granting any money.

Even if the plaintiff is right, he won't substantively benefit from the settlement because it'll be gone faster than you can imagine. Settlements that are paid out over time are no better. People just sell the rights to their future payments for pennies on the dollar. It did go to better things. She spent it meaning that she gave to other people who may have used it for better things than she did. The crime would be this piece of shit getting that much money then holding on to it.

It went to drug dealers. And this type of person doesn't deal with the "fun" drug dealers you're used to. My Ex Is Hookup White Trash, I'm from north Alabama, too. Most people up there are expecting the South to rise again. I dated a white trash guy. He went to my university for a semester and a half, then "transferred" out. We had My Ex Is Hookup White Trash in touch via facebook as he bounced around the country, and he came back to my college town take me out on a date.

Well, that date turned into him living in my house for 3 months. His family wanted nothing to do with him so he gave me the "I'm achieving my dreams on my own". He supposedly had an ROTC scholarship that fell throughhe never held a job he was hired about 3 times and my parents couldn't stand him.

He was rude to my family and would tell me how "manipulative" they were. He would fight with me and tell him that I was unsupportive, and that we should just travel and not talk to my family anymore. He tried to stay in touch with me after we broke up, decided to move to NJ when I moved home after college to be "close to me", and at one point was living in homeless shelters in NYC so he could "surprise" me when I would go into the city.

I changed my phone number and email and blocked him on every social site I was on. I'm pretty high and looking at AlwaysSaysYourMom's comment history gave me quite a cackle. It's really hard to define a word linguistically. This one's more clever than others. I give this one the vote, as a novelty account used within a novelty thread. Although the conjunction is a bit of a stretch.

A bit of a strech?! It's a disgrace to the noun FiveWordAccount and I was about to post something to express my fury! My Ex Is Hookup White Trash hate you Reddit lag. I met a country girlwho at first seemed nice she loved to cook and in time she would try to get close to my family sort of odd for me By calling them up asking how they doinginviting herself over, making plans for us to go over, which was good, but I thought, she is just friendly.

But she was very loud, embarrassing at restaurants and around friends. She became abusive and try to fight all the time with fistsand had severe anger problems.

She cheated and got caught, and I was done with herI had given her enough chances to clean up her act. Her family was worsejust trashy rednecks.

The next girl I dated, was open minded, and mostly calmbut, her parents were from a very backwoods country area. They had ties to the KKKthey hated blacks and gays, anyone would that did not agree with her family, was a sympathizer.

Eventually we had a huge break down over it all, also she was later cheating. That's what I see a My Ex Is Hookup White Trash. No ability to calmly deal with conflict. I have a redneck neighbor who has gone off on me a few times. Her and her family had some kind of complex like the world had wronged them in some way and anything they did not like or understand was reason to fight. Not just with me, but with everybody. It got to where we couldn't go anywhere at all without her starting some sort of something with some stranger.

Most evenings out ended up with me desperately trying to get her My Ex Is Hookup White Trash to the car while apologizing profusely for bringing her along. Yes, this is the person who raised her. Fast forward 3 months: I bought a non-refundable plane ticket home to visit my hospitalized grandmother Of course, she couldn't. I was ready to take out a bank loan and left work early, but traffic made me too late. It killed me that my girlfriend was even gonna spend one night in jail I called the accounting department at work, transmuted my hospitalized grandmother situation into an impressive lie, and convinced them to direct-deposit my check early.

I gave her mom the bail money and sent her inside while I parked the car. I get in there And I was so happy to see her. We hug, we kiss, as her mom reprimands her unlawful My Ex Is Hookup White Trash. The officer says, "We can't release her, yet.


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I am not white trash. I grew up white trash, though. When I was brought home from the hospital, I looked around the tiny lobby of our building and saw the dirty walls, the broken mailboxes, and the missing tiles on the floor. German shepherds wandered on the landings, and a beautiful girl wailed at a locked door to be taken back. Growing up, all our furniture came from the garbage.

We never threw anything out. How could you know what was garbage when our whole building looked like it was made from trash? The clock on the wall was a gangster that shot out machine gun noises on the hour.

We had fake stained glass unicorns hanging from little suction cup hooks on the living-room window. We had stacks of old telephone books and a fish tank with no fish in it.

It was typical white trash decor, shocking to no one.

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He mildly insults you while complimenting you.

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В EDIT: All this said, I do think Buffy is an awesome show, and have lost count of how many times I've watched the whole series.

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I would be super pumped about you coming to Montana state university, and give a talk and have a student panel.

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How does a sex surrogate function from a legal standpoint?

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