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About ME: My name is Annette, 25 years old from Fresno: My favorite movie "Hotel Desire" and favorite book about sex "The Sensuous Woman". I am a humanitarian. I want it from a man - Sex with foreplay. Hours of it. So, it would be awesome if you're into that too.

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DESCRIPTION: Playing with the neighbours daughter virginity, first time fireman's sex story.

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First Time - Sex Stories - dcaptian: I just checked into my hotel room on a business trip. It had been a long flight, and long time getting to the hotel. A. JUST FIRST TIME STORIES. The Kristen Archives are a free erotic story resource for consenting adults. Please come back often. If you find a broken link, please help us by reporting it to: The Staff. Recommended for you. Free Original Erotic Stories. tag Erotic StoriesFirst TimeA. A; B · C · D · E · F · G · H · I · J · K · L · M · N · O · P · Q · R · S · T · U · V · W · X · Y · Z · Submit Your Story!.

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Playing with the neighbours daughter virginity, first time fireman's sex story. I was all ready to join in but Clare made me stay where Erotic first tme stories was as punishment.

She said it was time for Sophie's reward. Clare Erotic first tme stories on a chair and pulled Sophie's ass onto her lap.

Clare's hands were groping Sophie's young body and soon her fingers had found her tiny clit. She ran her fingers across her slit and pressed her hole finding Sophie's hymen blocking the path.

She looked at me and smiled and I knew I was still going to get my first virgin pussy. My name is Mark and my girlfriend is Clare. I am 6ft 2 and 14 stone. I am a fireman and I love pussy. Clare is 5ft 8 and a size 8. She is a nurse and she loves cock. We both have busy lives but we make time for each other and have a very active and varied sex life. We had been together 2 years when we decided to expand and explore the limit of our sexual boundaries. Erotic first tme stories following event was the kickstart for us to begin our journey.

We moved into our first house when I was 25 and Clare was It was a quiet street in a village outside of town. Everyone knew everyone and it was very friendly.

A few doors down lived a family with two children, they were Simon and Jenny and their kids were Steven and his younger sister Sophie. We got on well with the whole family and I used to kick a ball about with the kids in the park at the end of the street. A couple of years passed, Steven got too old for kickabouts but Sophie would be in and around our house all the time chatting with me or Clare.

She would be round most evenings and her cute face and constant smile was Erotic first tme stories a nice sight. This went on for some time and I could see that Sophie was developing into a beautiful young girl. She had shoulder length brown hair, big brown eyes and perfect lips. She was very petite but her body was developing quickly and she was probably a 'C' cup already with more to come. She always wore very flimsy dresses or tight leggings so you could see her figure and would breeze into our house like it was her second home.

I mentioned to Clare that she was always around here and that I thought she looked at her as an older sister type. Clare started laughing Erotic first tme stories it wasn't her she was interested in as she could tell Sophie had a crush on me. I could tell this myself but didn't want Clare to know I knew. What I did know was that this young girl was getting curious and she was also wearing skimpier clothes.

Erotic first tme stories was also getting sexier by the day and was Erotic first tme stories very flirty with me, touching me at every opportunity, even when Clare was around. Things carried on like this for some time with Sophie spending more time at our house. She even spent the night after we all watched a film that finished late.

Her parents knew where she was and were very happy to let Erotic first tme stories keep her occupied. She slept in the spare room which is next to our bedroom and as I fucked Clare that night I knew that Sophie's head was barely a foot away, just a thin wall between us.

Just after Sophie's birthday, she came to ours with a film and asked if she could watch it here and stay the night again. We were always happy to see her so we watched the movie then went to our beds. As usual Clare and I fucked that Erotic first tme stories and I was driven on by the thought of Sophie listening to us in the next room.

In the morning Clare left for work early and I fell back asleep. I was woken with a jump when I felt someone climb on to the bed beside me.

Looking across I could see Sophie, wearing a tiny nightdress and looking at me with Erotic first tme stories big brown eyes. She was leaning forward and I could see her breasts and could feel my arousal growing.

I was shocked but she looked so sexy I couldn't take my eyes off her near naked body. I asked her what she was doing Erotic first tme stories she said she was cold and could she snuggle up to me to get warm? I wasn't sure what to say. I wanted her to get in but she was my neighbours daughter and I knew it could lead to all sorts of trouble. She looked sad and said please, almost begging me and before I knew it I had said ok and she was under the covers.

I didn't want her to get too Erotic first tme stories to me as I had a huge erection but she squeezed up right next to me and spent some time getting comfy and ended up with an arm and a leg across me. I instinctively put my arm around her shoulder to pull her in, all the while trying not to let her leg touch my hard cock. I could feel her breath on my chest and with the warmth of her body and her smell I was now being driven wild. Here was a beautiful young girl pushing the boundaries and I was doing everything I could not to take her there and then.

We lay this way for a while and Sophie fell asleep sprawled across me before I moved her and got up. I was in the kitchen wondering what had nearly happened when Sophie, who had got dressed came down. She flashed a big smile at me and kissed my cheek. Her lips lingered for a second and I almost moved to kiss her lips.

Before I Erotic first tme stories she pulled away, said she would see me soon and bounced out of the house. The sight of her ass stayed in my memory and I had a great wank in the shower.

I used the memory again that night and had probably the best sex ever with Clare. All the time I was picturing Sophie and wondering if we would share a bed again. It didn't take long before she was at our door and spending the night again. We watched our movie and went to bed. This time when I was fucking Clare I could almost touch Sophie. She was barely a metre away with only a thin wall stopping me getting to her.

I fell asleep and waited for the morning with anticipation. As I had hoped, the same thing happened. I Erotic first tme stories to be sleeping but I could hear her heading for our door.

It opened and closed and I felt the mattress move as Sophie climbed into my bed again. This time she didn't ask for permission as she quickly found her old position and settled in. I could tell that she had done away with the nightdress and could feel her warm skin against mine.

I pretended to wake and as I moved she looked up at me and smiled. I smiled Erotic first tme stories and she hugged me tighter.

I said good morning and she giggled back a reply before Erotic first tme stories her head in my chest. I asked her if she was naked and she whispered a yes. I asked her what she thought would happen if she lay with me naked and she looked up and smiled coyly before laying her head on my chest.

Well, I know what I wanted and now I knew what she wanted so I made my move. I lifted her on top of me with one arm. She was light as a feather. I put my hands on her ass and pulled her closer to me. She looked, smelt and felt amazing.

Our lips met and hers were the softest I had ever kissed. Her mouth was tiny but she seemed quite experienced and matched me as the kissing intensified and my hands moved across Erotic first tme stories body feeling every inch.

I slid her off me and then moved behind her, pushing myself into her whilst feeling her breasts and kissing the back of her neck. Her hands moved towards my huge erection Erotic first tme stories I pushed them away and Erotic first tme stories her to relax and enjoy my touch. My hands worked their way down towards her little pussy and I gently massaged her over her panties. I could feel them getting damp so I slipped them off her.

She was pushing her ass back into my erection so I pushed it between her ass cheeks using her tight butt to slowly masturbate it. My hands went back to her pussy and soon found her clit. I used a finger to gently press it and each touch brought a soft moan out of Sophie and she pushed harder into me.

I was building her orgasm and pushed a finger towards her hole. I had hoped she was still a virgin and as my finger reached her entrance she tensed her body. I eased away and asked her if she was a virgin.

She was shy about it but admitted she was. I told her it was ok and carried on massaging her breasts and clit until she started to come. I increased my speed and soon her body quivered as her first gifted orgasm rushed through her. She squeezed my penis between her ass cheeks and pushed back her head leaving her neck exposed to my kisses. After she had calmed down she smiled and said she had wanted me to do that for her for years.

I told her that was just the start and things would get even better. Moving her hands towards my penis I asked her if she had touched one before. She shook her head and I smiled and showed her how to Erotic first tme stories her hands properly.

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We had been talking about having a MFM experience for quite some time in some away from home city, perhaps abroad. Our goal is for my wife to have her ultimate sexual experience as you know things "dry up" after more than a decade of same person sex routine.

We actually came upon an old friend recently divorced and someone we were both very comfortable with. Octavius - November 25, Views. How I learned my moves at sex Aaravdixit - November 05, Views. The start of my sexual adventures with an experienced woman who taught me how to gradually work up a woman to my level of desire. A story not to miss.

A talk, an apology, a spanking, then sex in the woods. The first time for an angelic country girl Read full story. Erotica books - collections of naughty sex stories by our Juicy members.

Get your erotica book featured here. I wish he would. My wife's Best Friend.

Cheer come back regularly. If you allot a broken knot, please help us by reporting it to: The Sceptre If you're having problems accessing the stories on that page. View Supplementary of This Archive? It was a beautiful summer time and the larks were singing.

Heidi's heart hammered within her chest have the status of she led the handsome young fighter into the storage place. She was 14 years old, her blonde pigtails swaying in the zephyr behind her, her "Bund Deutscher Madchen" badge proudly pinned to her ripening bosom.

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  • Name: Leta
  • Age: 27
  • Heigh: 5'.6"
  • Weight: 46 kg.
  • Drinker: Non-drinker
  • Sex position: Kiss

  • Sex "toys": Sex toy industry in China

  • Music: "2112 - Rush"

  • Films (about sex): La novizia

About ME: If this sounds like you, drop me a line with a picture. I would like someone open minded. I'm fairly new to the city, here from russia and looking for a fun tour guide with a twist.

Depressed. Is it acceptable to ask for a hug? Adult stories and sexual fantasies of the genre first times written and published completely free. All the erotic stories of the category first times. Clare's hands were groping Sophie's young body and soon her fingers had found her tiny clit. She ran her fingers across her slit and pressed her hole finding Sophie's hymen blocking the path. She looked at me and smiled and I knew I was still going to get my first virgin pussy. - sex stories, erotic stories, sex story..

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  • Recommended for you. Free Original Erotic Stories. tag Erotic StoriesFirst TimeA. A; B · C · D · E · F · G · H · I · J · K · L · M · N · O · P · Q · R · S · T · U · V · W · X · Y · Z · Submit Your Story!.
  • Feedback. Click here to submit your feedback · Free Original Erotic Stories. tag Erotic StoriesFirst Time. A · B · C · D · E · F · G · H · I · J · K · L · M · N · O · P · Q · R · S · T · U · V · W · X · Y · Z · Submit Your Story!. First time sex stories relate to virgins losing their cherry. They are typically stories of teenagers making love for the first time, and the excitement and buzz that comes from that initial experimentation. Another favorite theme in this section are young men or women, losing their virginity to an older woman (the 'milf' syndrome ) or.
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  • 3 Jan First Time Sex Stories from Juicy Sex Stories. Quality, original erotica. Do not enter site if you are under 18, if erotica offends you or is illegal in your community. JUST FIRST TIME STORIES. The Kristen Archives are a free erotic story resource for consenting adults. Please come back often. If you find a broken link, please help us by reporting it to: The Staff.

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First place time lovemaking stories coordinate to virgins losing their cherry. They are characteristically stories of teenagers creation love pro the before all time, as a consequence the to-do and high that spring ins from so as to initial trialling. Another sweetheart theme fashionable this portion are 18 years old men otherwise women, bring up the rear their virginity to an older maid the 'milf' syndrome otherwise older guy - the more skilled partner educating their younger partner in vogue the mastery of shagging.

As I buckled my seatbelt, I turned headed for see you watching me, your hands atop the steering Slowly, you brought a finger cheery to your glasses afterwards pushed them First Avg Score: The campsite was organised around the edges of a two-hundred-metre square division. On a person side was the party marquee, cordon bleu tents, then senior mature leader tents.

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