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DESCRIPTION: The first time I fell for a girl, it was my best friend in college.

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The Complexities of Lesbian Best Friendship

26 Nov Basically, I'm a straight 20 year old girl with a lesbian as one of my absolute best friends. We've known each other since 8th grade, although we didn't become this close until we came to college together. I've recently realized that I have a slight attraction to women, and she is one of my main issues with that. 30 Jul The reality is that I'll be writing this column from my apartment in Echo Park, Los Angeles, where 'La Cucaracha' is currently playing via car horn for the sixth time today. Okay, so blah blah blah, my best friend's boobs. Four short years ago I was a straight. Today, I am a bisexual lesbian. Girl, we need to talk. I'm sexually attracted to my best friend Other friendships. I rent a house with my best friend who is also a 27 year old female. I'll call her Lucy. We've Friends/ acquaintances have even gone as far as to asking us straight out if we are lesbian, together or if anything has happened between us. We always.

November 1st, I'm sexually attracted to my best friend. So I figured some insight from the outside might help. I rent a house with my best friend who is also a 27 year old female. We met at work neither of us works there anymore. From the beginning of our friendship people would make comments about how our friendship was unique even weird and Attracted to my best friend lesbian hinted that we were into each other.

Whatever way we are with each other is just normal for us. My friend even said when she was with us one time it got to Attracted to my best friend lesbian point where she felt uncomfortable Attracted to my best friend lesbian thought she should step away.

I can admit that Lucy and I are very close, obviously bc we are best friends. We talk about everything, nothing is really off limits, we do a lot of things together, and we can get pretty physical.

We tend to wrestle around and even bite each other. Now that we live together we have occasional movie nights and sleep in the same bed and do the same things, even though we have our own rooms. Now, a big side note. About a year ago before we moved in together we were intimate with each other, once.

And by intimate I mean we had one Attracted to my best friend lesbian that was sexual in pretty much all the ways one can imagine. We talked about it after Attracted to my best friend lesbian fact. She admitted that there was something about me that turned her on and she was attracted to me and she just wanted to explore that side with me. I can admit that those feelings were Attracted to my best friend lesbian my end as well.

This one night never Attracted to my best friend lesbian our friendship and we continued on the same way we always have.

She and I are straight and we have dated other men since then. The leg wrapping, play fighting and what not all are still there. The thing about her though as a person is she is sexual and is outgoing. She is a massage therapist by profession.

We have even been watching late night erotic movies together she usually puts them on. I do feel that way as well but I laugh it off. Basically I know she does not have an aversion to being with a woman again. I am attracted to her but our friendship comes first. The thing is that I will never initiate it.

I just have frustration about what to think. Bi is an option. You seem to have enjoyed it and seem to be interested in more. Stop laughing off her comments and see what happens!

November 2nd, I think you maybe be worried that if it does cross into a proper relationship and if doesn't work out then you lose your Attracted to my best friend lesbian friend.

But otoh if you don't explore your feelings further especially whilst you are both free and willing to do so, one or the other of you may choose to try out with another person and then you may feel then you have lost your best friend.

Last Attracted to my best friend lesbian by Annsdil; November 2nd, at November 5th, KayKay, lol, in regards to your first comment I've never really defined myself as that because I've never been interested in girls before. Lucy was actually the first girl to ever get my attention in that way. And even now I haven't had an attraction like that with any other girl. But on the other hand, I'm actually more open to that idea. My first instinct is still men but I wouldn't dismiss a connection with a girl if it ever came about.

In regards to your second comment I do have an update. The same day I wrote this we hung out later that night and let's just say So you were right, she was definitely interested in more. Annsdil, thanks for the reply. I get what you're saying and yeah that has always been a small fear in the back of my mind but I don't think either of us are ready to make a life changing move like that being in a romantic committed relationship with each other.

We both see our futures with men and what we have going on between us is just something fun to do. It's just another interesting aspect to Attracted to my best friend lesbian friendship, I hope that doesn't sound wrong. We both want what's best for each other so if she finds someone else I know that we'll always be friends.

And the update is that we were intimate again and as far as our friendship goes it's the same great friendship it has been. Switch to Hybrid Mode. Switch to Threaded Mode. BB code is On. All times are GMT The time now is Other friendships Best friends, ex-friends, or any other friends. Find all posts by NicoleGreen I'm sexually attracted to my best friend 1 I don't think you are straight.

Find all posts by KayKay. People who inflicted verbal, physical and sexual abuse on their children are then given access to inflict trauma on yet another generation. Find all posts by Annsdil. I'm sexually attracted to my best friend KayKay, lol, in regards to your first comment I'm sexually attracted to my best friend Annsdil, thanks for the reply. Show Printable Version Email this Page.

Nevertheless I wouldn't point of view. You have the possibility to block out the text. I'm bi-curious or bi-sexual, I'm pretty doubtless im bi-sexual though!!! I'm shy as well as i haven't told her how i feel. Though i'm not sure condition she's into girls or not on the contrary she has touched my arm plus held my manual labourer lots.

Gave her a Valentines window-card and it was her first limerick. I really close her ;. It's weird, my alone Riley knows I'm bisexual and I feel like in the same way as I told her she's been further touchy. Also, I talked to my ex who she hates and she got really round the bend bc she thinks I'm going on the road to date him newly. Do u ponder she's jealous???

Idk, but she's kinda ignoring me rn. Idk what on the road to do, can superstar plz help me!!!

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So You’re Falling For Your Lesbian Friend, But You’re Straight: Now What


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About ME: So neither of our time is wasted by us i'd like you to contact me as soon as possible Text me, please! Big squirter love spunk anywhere. Seeking a man who would like to spend quality time.

The bottom of that decrease is three feet since wherever you are interpretation this pole. Four impolite years since I was a plump. Today, I am a bisexual lesbian. Girl, we need in the direction of talk.

Accordingly much has happened. Everywhere have you been? What do you say? took therefore long? It all happened so hastily.

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This happens all the time. You should just be honest with her and tell her you do not feel the same and that relationship will not work out. The only reason it will hurt her feelings is because she idealizes you. If you lead her on and just avoid the situation, it could lead to damaging the friendship more.

I have run into this situation many times with mixed results. And I had those situations where the person was just open and honest with me and they remained my friends. She may want to spend a little less time around your or if not and she does spend time with you, she may appear sad or distant, it is because in the human experience rejection is like a break up. They have common roots.

Am I "homo-romantic"? Does it even exist? 26 Nov Basically, I'm a straight 20 year old girl with a lesbian as one of my absolute best friends. We've known each other since 8th grade, although we didn't become this close until we came to college together. I've recently realized that I have a slight attraction to women, and she is one of my main issues with that. 17 Feb The first time I fell for a girl, it was my best friend in college. I'm not sure if I fell for her because we were so close, or if I had gotten close to her in the first place because I knew, albeit subconsciously, that I “liked” her. Probably a combination. By the time I realized I had feelings for her, we were already BFFs..

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