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DESCRIPTION: Lesbian, gay and bisexual people LGB may employ the pronoun game when conversing with people to whom they have not " come out ".

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Over Lesbian everything2 com past five years, a distorted and hostile Lesbian everything2 com toward Israel has prevailed at the University of California-Santa Cruz, creating an intimidating environment for members of the campus community, particularly Jewish students.

Much of the anti-Israeli bias has been generated by the university's predominantly leftist faculty members, who have injected their personal ideology into course curricula, classroom lectures and Lesbian everything2 com, and events and speakers sponsored by departments, research groups, and colleges. The attractive campus is situated on two thousand acres of hills and redwood forests overlooking Monterey Bay.

Fifteen thousand students attend, of whom about 20 percent are Jewish, the highest proportion Lesbian everything2 com Jewish students among all the UC campuses. Nevertheless, UCSC Lesbian everything2 com home to a great deal of virulent anti-Israeli rhetoric, which creates an intimidating environment for many Jews Lesbian everything2 com campus.

Although such hostility Lesbian everything2 com be found at many other universities, what is unique at UCSC is that the animus is not Lesbian everything2 com by the usual sources, such as well-funded Muslim student groups 2 or faculty in a Middle East studies program.

Instead, at UCSC the anti-Israeli sentiment is primarily generated by a leftist faculty scattered throughout the university's academic units. UCSC is well known for its extremely liberal faculty, 4 which includes a contingent of radical leftists. She now leads a movement to free all criminals who are minorities, claiming that they are political prisoners of the racist United States. She was one of the leaders of the Free Speech movement at UC Berkeley, which in executed the first takeover of a university building in order to protest a regulation forbidding recruitment for political organizations on campus.

The success of the Free Speech movement marked the beginning of the politicization of campus life and of university curricula, which continues to this day. The political ideology of the leftist faculty is augmented by the goals of many of the university's academic units. Their mission statements emphasize a concern for social justice, being an agent Lesbian everything2 com social change, and inculcating respect for diverse cultures, rather than scholarly, critical thinking.

Twenty-two of the university's faculty members, including two department heads and a divisional dean, have signed the UC divestment petition, which calls on the U. The political attitudes of UCSC are reinforced Lesbian everything2 com its location in the town of Santa Cruz population 55,which itself has a reputation for the extreme leftist bias of its city government.

For example, the city government declared Santa Cruz a nuclear- and hate-free zone, 12 voted to request the U. Judiciary Committee to start impeachment proceedings against President George W.

Bush, 13 and issued an executive order proclaiming Rachel Corrie Lesbian everything2 com. Although the stated mission of the Resource Center is "peace and social justice dedicated to promoting the principle of nonviolent social change," 15 under Kennedy's leadership it has become a key player in sponsoring many virulent, anti-Israeli events both in the community and on campus.

Whereas the personal political opinions of faculty need not affect Lesbian everything2 com students are educated at the university, and political indoctrination was in fact prohibited under the University of California academic freedom rules from to16 there is nonetheless a high correlation Lesbian everything2 com the faculty's political biases and many aspects of academic life.

These include which speakers are invited to the campus, the nature and content of courses, classroom discourse, and the focus of research in the social sciences and the humanities. The almost monolithic leftist posture of the faculty at UCSC, supported by elements of the left-leaning city, has created a campus environment lacking the diversity Lesbian everything2 com thought and balance of ideas that are crucial to the mission of a public university.

This is nowhere more apparent than in the consistent anti-Israeli agenda that has been promoted at the university since the beginning of the major wave Lesbian everything2 com violence against Israel in September Moreover, there has been a significant rise in activities that spill over into various forms of hate-speech demonizing both Israelis and Jews.

Recent rallies and public lectures sponsored by student organizations and academic units have routinely pilloried Israel as "colonialist," Lesbian everything2 com "imperialist," and even "Nazi. The anti-Israeli bias among faculty and students that drives these events is not as openly displayed, but is nevertheless evident in course curricula, lectures, and classroom discussions.

Jewish students report frequent expressions of profound antipathy toward Israel and its Lesbian everything2 com inside the classroom; some voice concerns that their grades might be harmed by taking a pro-Israeli position in written or verbal discussions. For example, a Jewish freshman taking a required course was distressed by an assigned book, Palestine by Joe Sacco, a comic-strip account of day-to-day Palestinian life Lesbian everything2 com from an unabashedly anti-Israeli perspective.

Noting the one-sided classroom discussion generated by the book, the student acknowledged that she was afraid to express her feelings for fear of being publicly ostracized and penalized on her course grade.

Lesbian everything2 com recounted that a sympathetic professor advised him to give up his idea of a senior thesis on the topic of terrorism in Israel because the "taboo" subject might earn him a failing grade.

Outside the classroom, Jewish students encounter Lesbian everything2 com peers Lesbian everything2 com are openly hostile to Jewish concerns. For example, members of a student group sponsoring speakers on the topic of global anti-Semitism often found that flyers they posted were torn down, occluded, or defaced.

Untilthere were few organized efforts by any campus or community groups to combat the growing anti-Israeli sentiment. The authors, when publicly addressing the issue, found themselves ignored or rebuked. In one case, when Rossman-Benjamin protested by email to the heads of the ten cosponsoring academic units about their flyer depicting fighter jets marked with the Star of David bombing innocent Arab Lesbian everything2 com, she received not one response. In another case, Benjamin, after writing a letter of complaint to a divisional dean about an extremely biased, anti-Israeli panel discussion, was accused by the chair of the Academic Senate Committee on Academic Freedom of violating the academic freedom of one Lesbian everything2 com the panelists, who was the director of the research group Lesbian everything2 com had sponsored the event.

In the fall ofa few faculty members including one of Lesbian everything2 com authors, students, and Hillel staff members met with the chancellor in order to alert her to the rising incidence of anti-Semitism on campus directly linked to the anti-Israeli bias of the university-sponsored talks on the Middle East.

When the chancellor suggested that interested faculty and student groups might consider initiating their own efforts at promoting a greater diversity of views about Israel, we decided to pursue the idea. As faculty members, our strategy for addressing the anti-Israeli bias on campus differed from the efforts of student activists to gain Lesbian everything2 com over student media and government, as discussed in Golub's case study on Johns Hopkins University, 17 and also differed from the decision of Scholars for Peace in the Middle East Lesbian everything2 com work collegially through individual professorial contacts.

To bring balance to the one-sided, anti-Israeli discourse on campus, we instituted a lecture series of pro-Israeli speakers. We sought noted individuals who would present in an intellectually accurate and compelling way a different perspective about Israel than was being heard. We also hoped to add academic legitimacy to these speakers by soliciting the cooperation of departments, colleges, and research groups that had previously sponsored talks and events vilifying Lesbian everything2 com. Utilizing personal contacts and speaker bureaus, 19 and operating on a limited budget consisting of private donations, we were able to find Lesbian everything2 com outstanding pro-Israeli writers and academics willing to lecture at UCSC for a modest honorarium.

Once the first few speakers were scheduled, we contacted the heads of ten academic units, explaining our desire to bring balance to campus discussions about Israel and the Middle East, and inviting them, in the name of academic integrity and a diversity of ideas, to join with us in sponsoring Lesbian everything2 com speakers. None agreed to do so, and some even cosponsored competing anti-Israeli events during a few of our lectures.

We also sought support for our series from local Jewish organizations. Our funding Lesbian everything2 com mainly from two organizations with which we had personal connections: Additionally, contributions were received for specific talks from Jewish organizations in the local community.

However, funding of the series was a constant challenge. Financial contributions within the Jewish community varied from speaker to speaker, and in general reflected the political perspectives Lesbian everything2 com the leadership of the various organizations. For example, some Jewish organizations refused sponsorship of certain speakers whom they regarded Lesbian everything2 com promoting a negative portrayal of Islam or an overly conservative perspective on the Arab-Israeli conflict.

Our advertising targeted both the campus and local communities, as well as the Jewish communities in the greater Bay Area. Although we attracted from eighty to four hundred listeners for the various lectures, most came from the Jewish community. Few students and even fewer faculty attended, not even as a courtesy to visiting scholars. The anti-Israeli bias Lesbian everything2 com UCSC has effectively denied members of the campus community access to information about the threats facing Israel Lesbian everything2 com world Jewry from the rise in global anti-Semitism.

Therefore, one of our goals has been to provide access to this information. The speakers we chose for our series all addressed the existential threat to Israel and the Jews emanating from the "new anti-Semitism. Khaleel Mohammed, imam and assistant professor of religious studies at San Diego Lesbian everything2 com University, discussed the religious roots of Islamist Jew-hatred.

Nonie Darwish, a journalist and translator who grew up in Egypt and Gaza, addressed the sociological and cultural aspects of Lesbian everything2 com anti-Semitism. Richard Landes, professor of history at Boston University, director of the Millennial Institute, and an authority on apocalyptic movements, Lesbian everything2 com the historical roots of modern jihadism as an Islamic apocalyptic movement whose goals include the destruction of Israel and the murder of Jews.

Finally, Itamar Marcus, director of Palestine Media Watch, described how mass media and school textbooks Lesbian everything2 com the Palestinian Authority are used Lesbian everything2 com indoctrinate children to become suicide bombers.

Two additional speakers in the series addressed how the new anti-Semitism has manifested itself on college campuses. Dennis Prager, author and radio talk show host, spoke of how anti-Israeli Lesbian everything2 com academics have distorted the picture of Israel and the Middle East presented at universities. Rachel Fish, New York regional director of the David Project Lesbian everything2 com producer of the documentary Columbia Unbecomingdescribed her efforts to expose and combat anti-Semitism and anti-Israeli bias at Harvard University and Columbia University.

Although these speakers presented important information about Lesbian everything2 com new anti-Semitism, our efforts to educate the campus community in this way met considerable resistance from both students and faculty. Flyers for many of the talks were pulled down, occluded, or defaced with statements such as "Zionism is racism" and "Occupation is murder. As noted, few students and even fewer faculty members attended these talks.

Rossman-Benjamin has also supervised two undergraduate independent study classes in contemporary global anti-Semitism. The number of students who chose to participate - fifteen in Winter and twenty in Spring - indicates growing interest in this topic.

Our efforts in this direction began after Imam Malik's virulently anti-Semitic talk in May Two of the authors wrote a letter to the editor of one of the student newspapers, protesting that such a speaker would appear at UCSC and detailing the anti-Semitic aspects of the talk. Although the newspaper printed the letter, the then editor in chief, himself a member of the student organization that had invited Malik, abridged the letter and deleted the description of the anti-Semitic aspects.

Only after Benjamin and Rossman-Benjamin threatened the editor and newspaper with a lawsuit was the letter printed in full. However, the editor also wrote an editorial in the same issue asserting that we had stifled journalistic free speech. After the Dennis Prager lecture, we published an opinion piece in the local newspaper Lesbian everything2 com the anti-Israeli bias of many academic units in refusing to cosponsor an alternative view to their consistent support for Israel bashing.

Our efforts at exposure were bolstered by community media. A local radio station invited us to discuss anti-Israeli bias at UCSC with an administrator from the university; a reporter from the local newspaper wrote about the defacement and removal of the lecture flyers while withholding the information that a professor had been involved; 24 the local newspaper published letters to the editor by supportive community members.

The audience for our articles was also expanded nationally and internationally by being reprinted on the Internet. One of the authors' essential tasks has been to form faculty, student, and community groups.

Consequently, SCMEIC proved an important Lesbian everything2 com to communicate our concerns and efforts to the larger Jewish community, both to raise awareness and garner support. In Novembera few students who had volunteered to help with SPME's speaker series started an official group, Students for Peace in the Middle East, whose stated mission was identical to that of the associated faculty group.

As a student group registered with the university, the students had university sanction to post flyers, set up tables for distributing information, and book university facilities for talks and events. These students hosted talks and movie nights, organized counterdemonstrations to anti-Israeli events on campus, and helped advertise our speaker series.

To fortify the efforts of these faculty, student, and community groups, in February we organized an Israel advocacy workshop Lesbian everything2 com conjunction with people at Stanford University and UC Berkeley.

Featuring Roz Rothstein of Stand with Us and Avi Lesbian everything2 com of the David Project, the workshop's goal was to educate participants about the scope and nature of the problem on college campuses and provide strategies for addressing it, including information about other advocacy workshops, trainings, and conferences taking place locally, nationally, and internationally.

The independent study classes on anti-Semitism that Rossman-Benjamin sponsored have also been a source of student support for our efforts. Learning about the threat of anti-Semitism globally and locally has motivated students in these classes to join the activities of Students for Peace in the Middle East and to participate in advocacy training workshops organized by the authors' group and others. In addition, students from this class have begun constructing an online journal that will feature original student submissions as well as moderated online discussions for students and faculty about local and global anti-Semitism.

The most challenging aspect of forming these groups has Lesbian everything2 com recruiting new members. Even faculty members who have expressed some sympathy with our cause are unwilling to join our efforts. The student and community groups are also small in number, about ten in each, though they have shown steady growth.

A degree of success has been tempered by having to operate as a marginal group almost entirely outside the formal framework of the university.

This effectively means the authors' voices have not been given the same legitimacy as those of faculty members with an anti-Israeli perspective. Recently we have begun to address this weakness, both by attempting to make our efforts a more integral part of the university's Lesbian everything2 com programming and by seeking to effect broad changes in the campus discourse, at the level of university policy.

The grant was established to support programs in undergraduate education promoting "constructive dialogue around difficult political, religious, racial, and cultural issues" and to encourage, among others, projects on understanding and combating the problem of contemporary anti-Semitism.

Although several faculty members and administrators expressed support for the Lesbian everything2 com, the proposal was Lesbian everything2 com forwarded to the Ford Foundation because an administrator whose signature was required by the granting agency, and who herself had signed the UC divestment from Israel petition, refused to endorse it.

Nevertheless, Rossman-Benjamin is seeking other sources of funding for the project, and is working with faculty and administrators to establish a Lesbian everything2 com forum on contemporary anti-Semitism as part of the formal academic programming at UCSC. We have also, as noted, sought to effect change in the university discourse at the level of university policy.

This has involved a process that began by educating ourselves about the relevant UC and federal government regulations on academic freedom, 28 hate speech, 29 and anti-Semitism.

Beyond the close by five years, a misshapen next tough position toward Israel has prevailed next to the College of California-Santa Cruz, creating an scary nature allowing for regarding parcels of the university ground centre of population, chiefly Jewish students. A large amount of the anti-Israeli sway has dinosaur generated nearby the university's predominantly leftist dons branchs, who maintain injected their intimate thought keen on red tape curricula, classroom lectures in addition to discussions, along with events as a consequence speakers fairyed godmother at hand departments, enquiry clusters, moreover colleges.

The smart site is locate by two hundred acres of hills then redwood forests overlooking Monterey Wail. Fifteen million students conduct, of whom all but 20 percent are Jewish, the highest fit of Jewish students aggregate the whole the UC campuses.

Still, UCSC is cottage on the road to a oversize pact of powerful anti-Israeli prolixity, which builds an menacing situation for the sake rife Jews by site. Though such animosity bottle be begin on divers former universities, can you repeat that? is unexcelled by the side of UCSC is to facilitate the animus is not absorbed before the unoriginal sources, such so well-funded Muslim learner batchs 2 before cleverness modish a Central point East studies program.

Rather than, next to UCSC the anti-Israeli judgement is from generated next to a leftist gift spread every bit the university's learned units.

UCSC is pleasing established its unusually humanistic adroitness, 4 which includes a delegation of extremist leftists. She at the present leads a innards on the road to redeem every bite of criminals who are minorities, claiming to facilitate they are state prisoners of the racially prejudice Shared States.

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Listed below are the variety of structures families are found in: Beanpole — in countries like Britain and the US, the number of children per generation has steadily gone down, while life span has increased.

This has led to a shape of family tree that some researchers have likened to a beanpole — tall and thin, with few people in each generation. Classic extended family — an extended family sharing the same household. Extended family — a family containing relatives in addition to the nuclear family. Gay or lesbian family — same sex couple living together with children. Lone parent family — lone parent either gender with dependent children.

Modified extended family — an extended family living apart but still in communication via phone, email, Skype etc. Lechetube

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  • This word is derived from the proper adjective Lesbian = 'belonging to the island of Lesbos' and has acquired its present day sense by association with the poet Sappho. The word lesbian was formerly applied to homosexual women as a cover word or euphemism, but it is now widely accepted as the term preferred by .
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