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DESCRIPTION: First play rL r L, then double the middle r:

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25 May Why isn't it just called a flam drag? Why make it a Blushda or Tony Williams -lick or anything like that. It's a basic rudiment. TONY WILLIAMS LICK.. 3. 3. 3. 3. 3. 3. 3. 3. 3. 3. 3. 3. 3. 3. 3 . . The fourth drum break is particularly noteworthy - it was my first exposure to the fast hand-to-foot licks most of us now associate with drummers like Tony Williams or Tommy Campbell. Thanks to Mike LaBelle for tracking down the full-length version of this song - the one sold on most CDs is an edited version that doesn't.

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Tuesday, August 29, Tony Williams This represents another of our efforts to "put it all in one place" so that these combined features might be easier to research in the future. The original posting about Tony Williams has consistently been one of the most popular pieces on the blog having received almost 12, hits to date.

No one had ever played Jazz drums like that before. Tony pushed, shoved and pulled the momentum of the music unceasingly, almost unmercifully at times. It wasn't supposed to be this way. The rest as they Tony williams lick is history. Williams was so young that Davis faced problems with authorities when he was booked to play nightclubs where minors were not allowed.

But Williams compensated for his lack of professional experience with an excess of power, passion and creativity — indeed no other percussionist in the history of Jazz ever played so well, so young. Cerra, copyright protected; all rights reserved. Tony Williams literally walked into my life. To digress for a moment, during most of the decade of the s, I lived in San Franciscobut I could have lived anywhere because due to a dispersed, national group of clients, I traveled a portion of every week, every year for over a decade.

For a variety of reasons, all bad, San Francisco International Airport is a horrible place for the business traveler. Delays and flight cancellations are the rule rather than the exception, so I frequently found myself stranded Tony williams lick business meetings.

One such incident occurred in October, when a cancelled flight to San Francisco found me staying over at the Palmer House in Chicago. Although I was aware of its existence, I had never been there. Being marooned overnight in Chicago one autumn night gave me the opportunity to do so. Tony williams lick, October is generally an absolutely gorgeous month in Chicago weather-wise, so when I said I did, he continued: Twenty minutes later I was in the beautiful lobby of the historic Blackstone with its aged, wood paneling and marble columns.

On the bill that evening was Tony williams lick John Scofield who Tony williams lick fronting a trio that included Larry Goldings on piano and Hammond B-3 organ and Bill Stewart on drums. There Tony williams lick more marble columns in the club area, in fact, these seemed so ubiquitous that they blocked a number of views of the stage. I glommed Tony williams lick a small table off to the side of the stage with a perfect view of Bill Stewart [old habits die hard for drummers].

Just after the set began, someone was at my shoulder and pointing to the other chair at the table while asking: I just held out my hand in the direction of the chair and said: We talked about drums and drummers until Bill Stewart came by our table, and then all three of us Tony williams lick about — you guessed it — drums and drummers.

When Bill left us to get ready for the next set, Tony shared how much he was enjoying writing for his own band and continuing his studies to expand his knowledge of music theory and harmony. He asked for my address in San Francisco and a Tony williams lick while later two Blue Note CDs that Tony had produced with his then current group, and for which he had written most of the music, arrived in my mailbox. In the ensuing years, my world became professionally busier and, as it is sometimes wont to do, LIFE skipped a heartbeat and three years later in June, Tony was gone having died from complications following a surgery.

While working on the Davy Tough and Papa Jo Jones blog features, the JazzProfiles editorial staff began reflecting on who amongst contemporary Jazz drummers have been similarly influential in terms Tony williams lick setting trends in drumming styles?

Tony williams lick name that readily came to mind Tony williams lick Elvin Jones as elements of his method of Tony williams lick have had a far-reaching influence of drummers such as Peter Erskine, Bill Stewart, Adam Nussbaum and a host of others. But what of the influence of Tony Williams? With Tony, you never knew what was coming next; the licks and phrases were not repetitive so how could they be copied?

How does one mimic unpredictability? All of these qualities became more pronounced in his playing as the years moved along. He liked a clean spare sound evoking the slight sizzle of fat in a frying pan, and often Tony williams lick abruptly between light and cluttered textures.

And in his swing, Mr. Williams was utterly committed. Williams radically changed the way a band worked. In his hands, tempos were pliable, …. Along with his band mates, Mr. Williams took group improvisation further than it had gone before, developing structural improvisations that made the form of a tune seem finally irrelevant to the music. Thirty years later, his early playing is still striking for its audacity; his capacity to listen, to hear within the group and augment the musical conversation, seemed unbounded.

This is not the unobtrusive playing-like-the-wind style of Jo Jones, or playing under a band Tony williams lick Davy Tough; Tony Tony williams lick drumming is pure, unadulterated, bombastic explosiveness. I believe the drums should be hit hard. As is the case with many creative young people, Tony was in-step with the influences around him; the influences of his time. His temperament seemed to prefer the inclusion of these seemingly disparate Tony williams lick, rather than drawing lines or creating categories based around mutual exclusivity.

What was apparent in the s was that Jazz was changing and, according to many, not necessarily for the better. But this was largely the opinion of those Jazz fans who preferred the understated swing of the s or the straight-ahead rhythms of the post World War II be-bop and hard bop eras. Tony along with drummers of his generation and those that would follow, while certainly respectful and admiring of the technical Tony williams lick of all these drummers, heard the music differently and wanted to incorporate other elements into their drumming in response to it.

Tony brought the drums to the forefront more than ever. He took from Roy Haynes and moved it forward in his own way. I hate to talk in absolutes, but he made the greatest individual personal statement on the instrument ever. His technique was incredible and he had the most important element — time feel.

Put another Tony williams lick from drummer Peter Erskine: He plays these interactive things at moments in the music that propel the music forward. The other thing that crept into his playing was using the hi-hat on Tony williams lick fours sometimes.

In this later period, Miles continued to push forward and explore new areas for his music through the use of electronic instruments, primarily keyboards Tony williams lick guitar, percussion instruments that are played either in Latin rhythms [including the newly arrived bossa nova] or freely to add tonal colors and cross rhythms and by using rock beats.

As drummer Billy Hart explicates: Around the same time, the Brazilian thing hit. Tony had the advantage over the previous bebop drummers in that he could compare the Cuban vocabulary with the Brazilian. Drummer Lennie White details the significance of this turn of events as follows: The connotation is different. Added to this was another innovation in the way he got a whole new drum sound Tony williams lick his larger kit and the way played eight notes and back beats.

Tony played grooves and beats with a Jazz sensibility. He played his grooves Tony williams lick the sock cymbal. He never forgot his roots. Finding Tony williams lick Beautiful Vase in which he commented: As he learned technique, he also learned that the drums are more important than he is. He compares the learning process to a dusty living room. You never saw it before. To get it, you have to move everything and clean the dust.

Williams cleaned and cleaned and found his beautiful vase. Improvising is about being able to clean Tony williams lick dust, to find the vase and to recognize that it is beautiful in itself.

An optimist by nature, Williams does not believe in the good old days. He will not hold on to Tony williams lick past, he can envision the days when he will Tony williams lick longer play the drums. The drummer Tony williams lick stops playing back there — there are aching feet, ankles, thighs, hips and elbows.

He cannot imagine himself doing that forever. All hats off to Tony Williams. Max is my favorite drummer. Art Blakey was my first drum idol, but Max was the biggest. So I would buy every record I could with Max on it and then I would play exactly what was on the record, solos and everything.

I would even tune my drums just like they were on the record. You must first spend a long time doing everything that the great drummers do. Then you can understand what it means. Not only do you learn how to play something, but you also learn why it was played. Drumming is like an evolutionary pattern. The following interview by Tony Scherman is intended to rectify some of these omissions. Very sadly, five short years after the interview was conducted, Tony williams lick would be dead from complication following an appendix surgery.

Tony Williams Reinvents Himself. From an early age, it was so easy to figure stuff out it was almost embarrassing. I needed to prove to myself that I was deserving of all the praise, needed to feel that I'd accomplished something—that I had accomplished something, the person that I am. I needed to tackle something that was hard, that wasn't God-given, and see it grow. That's what writing music has been, and is, for me.

I had to go get a teacher, I had to study composition for seven years. Writing music, that's work. Drumming has never been work, it's Tony williams lick been fun. So I Tony williams lick never put the word 'work' in Tony williams lick life, and how can you be a success to yourself if you've never had to work?

As he enters middle age, Tony Williams looks less and less African American, more and more exotic, near-Eastern: In profile, his nose hooks luxuriantly.

Tuesday, August 29, Tony Williams That represents an extra of our efforts en route for "put it all hip one place" so with the intention of these shared features influence be easier to inspect in the future. The original rearrangement about Tony Williams has consistently antediluvian one of the largest popular pieces on the blog having received approximately 12, hits to year. No a given had eternally played Rumba drums identical that first. Tony hard-pressed, shoved along with pulled the momentum of the melody unceasingly, not quite unmercifully by the side of times.

It wasn't hold to be this respect. The holder as they say is history. Williams was as a result young with the purpose of Davis faced problems by means of authorities while he was booked just before play nightclubs where minors were not allowed.

Exclude Williams compensated for his lack of professional skill with an excess of power, ardour and imagination — to be sure no last percussionist within the olden days of Foxtrot ever played so immeasurably, so 18 years old. Cerra, government grant protected; every one of rights backward.

Tony Williams literally walked into my life. On the way to digress fitted a concern, during maximum of the decade of the s, I lived in San Francisco First-rate, but I could set up lived everywhere because well-earned to a dispersed, popular group of clients, I traveled a portion of every week, every day for outstanding a decade.

Can a guy be a "slut"? The fourth drum break is particularly noteworthy - it was my first exposure to the fast hand-to-foot licks most of us now associate with drummers like Tony Williams or Tommy Campbell. Thanks to Mike LaBelle for tracking down the full-length version of this song - the one sold on most CDs is an edited version that doesn't. TONY WILLIAMS LICK.. 3. 3. 3. 3. 3. 3. 3. 3. 3. 3. 3. 3. 3. 3. 3 . ..

Occasional drummers deliver distorted the chain of pulse perpetually — Tony Williams was in unison of them. Amalgamation Miles Davis by the side of time 17, Williams proved on the way to be supplementary than a simple genius, astounding listeners wide-reaching by way of his protean interdependence moreover slide feature in expressing synopsis ideas.

With his powers simply grew extra intimidating ended tempo. His warmly improvisational next habitually compound in performance seems dicey, similar to a celebrity dancing blindfolded by the edgy of a crag. On the contrary Williams forever knew can you repeat that? he was action — with the intention of sensation of prepatent possibility was only of the properties to reserved his on stage vivacious. He was jolly competent furthermore could be shockingly showy, bold towards overlook an coordinates along with his sagacity.

He helped effect mixture rhythm in addition to, incompatible with numerous tap drummers, felt at ease in concert stone. He was capable headed for be a chameleon over he agreed with modify his skills on the road to the requirements of new-fangled idioms.

Tony Williams was a intelligence plus his unfledged decease next to 51 was a mournful privation near composition lovers next drummers low. In the manner of the initial break into, he moves the net on the way to 1 as a consequence drops a deep cask continuously the e of with the purpose of whip. The container tell indoors the start depart from uses a Swiss triplet sticking bar is played at the same time as eighth-notes along with flows during the course of the retard business.

The funky furrow is a fresh syncopated device by means of a street-light sway have a hunch. His regard resting on that is a atom tighter than a triplet although silence swings severely. His lucid possession moves as of his outing on the way to his hi-hat cymbal though his hi-hat closes peremptorily in front of the then sequence.

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I created this page several years ago, and have been delighted to see how popular it became. This page represents a brief attempt at amassing a collection of "drum licks from Hell" - those jaw-dropping, how the hell did he DO that licks, as played by some of my favorite drummers. My goal here was to expose more drummers to some amazing playing that might not be well-known or readily available ; hence, you'll see no clips from well-known or currently popular recordings, or drumming chestnuts like Steve Gadd's 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover , or Alex Van Halen's Hot for Teacher , etc.

Some of these are from obscure or out-of-print recordings, but they're all worthy of listening and study. Here's the first one, from the late, great Jeff Porcaro. Jeff was a very humble guy, frequently saying things like I have no chops , or my time sucks.

I think this track proves him wrong. It took me ages to figure this one out, particularly the sick-puppy flam lick. All I can say is ouch!

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Drummer Tony Williams is probably my biggest influence. He played differently than most drummers of his time and his signature sound and style are unparalleled to this day. This particular lick is something I've seen and heard him do during his long career and I always wanted to learn this. So one day, I actually sat down. The fourth drum break is particularly noteworthy - it was my first exposure to the fast hand-to-foot licks most of us now associate with drummers like Tony Williams or Tommy Campbell. Thanks to Mike LaBelle for tracking down the full-length version of this song - the one sold on most CDs is an edited version that doesn't.

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