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DESCRIPTION: The Duggar family is one that a lot of people seem fascinated by. In they started their first season of their TLC reality show. Over the years we have watched Duggars be born, get married and then watch them have little babies of their own.

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12 Normal Things That Are Off-Limits In The Duggar Family

17 Jan Even if you don't know much about the Duggar family, there's a good chance that you're familiar with their strict courtship rules. "Strict" doesn't do it justice, really. Joy Duggar Pic on Insta. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are almost as well known for their extremely conservative views on dating as they are for. 1 Apr "Courting" is the theme on the new season of TLC’s hit reality show "19 Kids and Counting," which stars the Duggar family and premieres tonight. Two Duggar daughters – Jessa, 20, and Jill, 22 – begin relationships with their respective beaus, Ben Seewald, 18, and Derick. Duggars are not allowed to date in the casual sense. Sure, promoting purity before marriage is a nice idea, but, according to Duggar rules, there is no touching of any kind, and that includes kissing and hand holding. Private communication and spending time alone together are unheard of, to boot. Duggars don't simply.

The Duggar family is one that a lot of people seem What Are The Duggar Dating Rules by. In they started their first season of their TLC reality show. Over the years we have watched Duggars be born, get married and then watch them have little babies of their own.

We have been given a first-row seat though to What Are The Duggar Dating Rules of the families bizarre rules and regulations. What Are The Duggar Dating Rules Duggars are devoted independent Baptist from Arkansas. The family has made headlines over the years for some of the crazy rules the family has to follow. Some of those rules are that all of the girls must keep their hair long and curly because that is the way that Dad, Jim-Bob likes it.

Another Duggar rule that is always being talked about is the families rule that no one is allowed to date. What Are The Duggar Dating Rules, those Duggar children of age to be married 17 and 18 or encouraged to enter into a courtship after their What Are The Duggar Dating Rules mate has been vetted by Mom and Dad. Whether we love or hate them The Duggars and their strict-cult like upbringing is surely fascinating!

We know that the Duggars value modesty above everything. The beach is filled with bikinis, boobs, chest, legs and all things evil. She said that for her boys it was just too hard for them to keep their eyes averted. Joseph and Kendra Duggar are the newest wedded couple to join the family. For this momentous occasion, Joseph decided to take Kendra and about 15 other people to a local car auction where they bid and bought used cars.

But really Joseph just wanted to get Kendra across town to the land where childhood home once stood. When Joseph popped the courtship question the constantly giggling Kendra said yes. On the way back the couple discussed some of the courtship rules that they would have. One of those would be the infamous Duggar side hug, but with a twist. The couple decided to set a 3 second time limit on the intimate moment.

If you have ever caught an episode or two of the Duggars you will notice that they are really into music. But not just any kind of music. Like classic hymn style music with violins and pianos and choir style singing. For one they feel that most modern music promotes sex and drugs and that just does not jive with their values.

Instead, the family prefers Christian music, classical music or bluegrass. Jill one of the older daughters gave an interview once where she said the family did not think it was appropriate to dance and that as a family they have decided not to stir up desire by shaking body parts around. Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar have been married for over 30 years. And so far there has been no hint of marriage scandal. So what is the secret to their happy marriage? Over the past few years we have seen a bunch of Duggar weddings and luckily for us, we have been able to see all of this go down on their TV show.

During the courtship period for the couple which usually last about 90 days the couple is not allowed to ever be alone together. Michelle says that during the courtship period that emotions make you all hot and bothered my words, obviously not hers and to prevent any physical boundaries from being crossed the couples pick a Duggar parents to go with them and if Jim-Bob or Michelle are unavailable a sibling must go with them on all of their dates.

After the news about older son Josh came out a few years ago the Duggars did an interview where they explained what rules they What Are The Duggar Dating Rules down to keep there other 25 sons from being child predators.

No two children regardless of age are allowed to go off alone and they also put locks on the bedroom doors. Another family rule to safeguard against any other issues is that only girls are allowed to babysit girls and boys are What Are The Duggar Dating Rules allowed to babysit the boys.

The Duggars have some pretty serious modesty rules mostly for the girls but every once in awhile a modest dressing rules go both ways. What Are The Duggar Dating Rules of those rules is what the family wears when they go swimming. For this family, they believe modesty should extend to every place we go.

In it was alleged that The Duggars instituted another bizarre and extremely hurtful and judgmental rule. What Are The Duggar Dating Rules daughter Jill is a practicing midwife. In Susanna Keller who is the sister of Anna Duggar married to Josh found herself a year-old pregnant and unwed mother.

We know of course that the Duggars are very against any sort of physical intimacy before marriage so to have a family member find themselves in this predicament cause quite a stir. Susanna was very close to the Duggar family and Jill wanted to help Susanna give birth. But once Jim-Bob and Michelle found out about the situation they reportedly banned Jill from helping her.

Jim-Bob also banned her from every appearing or being mentioned on their show. As a general rule, the family is not allowed to watch anything other than religious programming. I wonder if that makes their own show off limits? During the courtship period, one of the other bizarre rules the family must follow is that all text between the couple is group text. So that means Mom and Dad are also reading everything that is going on digitally with your relationship.

The reason is pretty obvious. The Duggars have extreme rules about physical intimacy before marriage and therefore have put down some pretty rigorous and weird rules to maintain that. Gosh, could you imagine having absolutely zero privacy?

Now I see why they get married so quickly. One of the most bizarre was revealed in the episode where Joseph and Kendra officially start courting. The couple is in the car driving together and before the courtship proposal one of the younger What Are The Duggar Dating Rules boys is sitting in between them in the front seat of a pickup truck. But shortly after the proposal at the field with the concrete slab and sewer the couple climb back into the truck and Kendra gets to slide almost all the way over to Joseph.

Well, the rule at the Duggar house is, unless you are married or engaged you are not allowed to have access to social media.

I guess they figure those kids might secretly start planning their escape with the help of their Twitter followers. It was the scandal that was heard around the world in The Duggars have been in the spotlight for a very long time and have maintained a pretty scandal-free existence. That is until the revelations about their oldest Josh came to light in It was first revealed that when Josh was a teenager he molested 5 girls, 4 of which were his sisters. While everyone was still reeling from that revelation just a few months later it came out that Josh was on a website for married men who were looking to have affairs and that he assaulted a porn star that he What Are The Duggar Dating Rules with.

Josh, married to his wife Anna since had 4 children at the time. There was speculation that Anna was going to leave Josh but What Are The Duggar Dating Rules not. Divorce is banned in the Duggar household. Instead, they sent Josh off to rehab and moved Anna and the children in.

And maybe it worked What Are The Duggar Dating Rules Josh and Anna just welcomed their 5 th child. Rumor has it they named it Band-Aid. Just a few days ago families from around the US put on their scariest, creepiest, funniest or cutest costume and went door to door asking for candy.

One family noticeably missing from this holiday was The What Are The Duggar Dating Rules clan.

This particular rule What Are The Duggar Dating Rules have first-hand knowledge of because I too was not allowed to participate in Halloween stuff as a child. For a sect of Christians, they believe that God does not want them to participate in a Holiday that is about witchcraft, magic, and horror. Instead, the family does do harvest time activities like corn mazes and pumpkin patches.

The Duggars have a rule that none of the married women can take birth control. I mean does that rule really surprise you? Michelle is the mother of For one Michelle has always said that early on their marriage they studied the Bible and found that children were always a blessing from God and wanted instead to leave the number of children they had up to God. But it was later revealed that shortly after Jim-Bob and Michelle had their oldest son Josh that Michelle started taking birth control.

Shortly after she found herself unexpectedly pregnant while taking the pill. Unfortunately, Michelle had a miscarriage and their doctor told them that the miscarriage could have been due to the birth What Are The Duggar Dating Rules she was taking when she got pregnant. The couple immediately decided to ban birth control indefinitely for What Are The Duggar Dating Rules only Michelle but for their married children as well.

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Why are so many people disillusioned with relationships? Duggars are not allowed to date in the casual sense. Sure, promoting purity before marriage is a nice idea, but, according to Duggar rules, there is no touching of any kind, and that includes kissing and hand holding. Private communication and spending time alone together are unheard of, to boot. Duggars don't simply. 25 Aug Jinger Duggar isn't the only one that has broken the family rules — see what her siblings (and husband) are guilty of!..

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  • In the last season of "19 Kids and Counting," you've seen not one, but two Duggar daughters Jill and Jessa go through the courting process.
  • 8 Simple Rules for Dating a Duggar Daughter | 19 Kids and Counting | TLC
  • Every once upon a time with by hand are requested owing your trust mark calling-card array before a secret word past by hand should unusually be suspicious.

  • Check out 8 Times the Duggars Broke the Family Rules! - In Touch Weekly
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Check out 8 Times the Duggars Broke the Family Rules!

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