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Red tape, white lies. Root of all evil. Birds and the bees. I have to do even the shortest journeys times before I can remember the way, and I can easily get confused going Ass For Directions one room to another in a large house.

Directions are to me what words are to the severely dyslexic. Is this a scientifically-recognised problem? It is Ass For Directions a bad sense of direction - and people find it hard to believe that I can Ass For Directions so bad! I always describe it to people as similar to dyslexia but with directions - almost feeling like I am lacking a 'magnetic centre of direction' in the Ass For Directions - so you could be on to something.

In my case, it runs in the family too. Liz, Heath and Reach Me too! I started searching the net today on the subject, but so far I haven't had any luck finding any scientific explanations for this "condition".

One article I found suggested that sense of direction is related to the function of the brain's hippocampus area, so I'll just start searching for more info on that. Antti Kovalainen, Helsinki, Finland I did some searching, and it might be a form of something that I came across termed 'Spatial Dyslexia'.

Even if it isn't, I'm going to adopt this term! Liz Mortimer, Heath and Reach, England I am no expert, but having worked with children with all kinds of special needs, I would suggest that you may have a very mild form of dyspraxia, a condition which normally implies inability to plan complex actions, or form that kind of memory of a complex action which allows you to do it without thinking. Just as persistent inability to get 'i' Ass For Directions 'e' in the right order might be considered part of a dyslexic spectrum, inability to use directions or remember a route might be part of the dyspraxic spectrum.

It's very difficult having something approaching half a brain Ass For Directions able to converse reasonably sensibly - and yet when trying to find my way around in relatively new places all I seem to have in my Ass For Directions is a vast expanse of nothing. Even with well rehearsed long journeys, I seem unable to "hold" the entire journey in my head.

I experience what can only be described as a series Ass For Directions "sequences" which, in the correct order, "become revealed" as I progress through the journey. Now I live in a small town designed on the grid system. I have never experienced any direction problems living here.

This was much to the initial amazement of my husband Ass For Directions, knowing I was going off exploring alone Ass For Directions the early days of our arrival, was convinced he'd never see me again.

I also use a bicycle a lot here. For myself, I've found that the speed of cycling seems to be the optimum one for remembering journeys.

I'd never ride a bike in the UK though - much too dangerous. Many years ago there was a TV programme in the UK about this very subject. Sheila Kirby, Esbjerg, Denmark Lordy! I just found people with my problem.

My girlfriend is just as unforgiving when it comes to my utter uselessness with directions. I Ass For Directions very spatially aware when it comes to sports and hand-eye coordination, and I'm brilliant with a map and compass, but I cannot for the life of me keep directions in my head. I truly believe it is largely to do with what is important to you - for 2 reasons.

In my case I spend my time thinking about and analysing, for instance, people, rather than roads, Ass For Directions and rights. Directions are not important to me.

The flip-side of that is that it can then be too important to you to make up for a past record of being rubbish with directions, and actually end up building an anxiety around the subject which makes it all the more difficult to focus on.

Seamus, Chinnor UK I agree with the respondent who suggests you are probably mildly dyspraxic. Most people still don't get diagnosed I didn't until I was 34 and I had to get it done privately. I found learning to drive difficult and didn't pass until the 5th attempt and now I am driving ok but Ass For Directions still have huge problems with directions especially at roundabouts. I often get lost in my hometown and I have lived here all my life. Poor ability to "visualize or picture" the location of the numbers on the face of a Ass For Directions, the geographical locations of states, countries, oceans, streets, etc.

Gets lost or disoriented easily. May have a poor sense of direction, lose things often, and seem absent minded. Jules Ong, Penang, Malaysia I have the same problem. I also describe myself as having directional dyslexia. I haven't found much Ass For Directions the web about it and wish someone would do a study! It can get dangerous at times, like when I end up in a scary section of town, even when I'm in my own hometown. Rachel Kaye, Texas, United States One consistency I notice with people who complain about the "lack of sense of direction" is the above average intelligence with other spheres in life.

More often than not, they hold important occupational positions and have better outcomes at education than people who can get from one place to another without a thought. I wonder if this a sacrifice to boost other Ass For Directions of the brain Fareed Janjua, Bradford, Ass For Directions All the problems listed above affect me.

I can get lost at the airport if I wander off to shop or Ass For Directions the loo, and I can find myself terrified with fear. Ass For Directions to be of above-average intelligence in other areas and extreme motivation in all areas; work, athletically, creatively. Neha, Banglore, India I feel much better knowing that I'm not 'abnormal'. It was extremely embarrassing when bringing friends home and being unsure where to turn at intersections.

And I'm talking about going home to where I have lived for 20 years! I do believe there is some truth to being the type that is Ass For Directions deep in thought while driving so not logging landmarks as I go but it goes beyond that. There really should be a support group for this "disorder. Thank you so much for this thread - It is so relieving to find others like me. Interesting that we seem to be more intelligent in other areas - I am excellent drawer and master all creative activities, very athletic.

BUT I can't seem to find my way around - even though I know it should be a quite simple matter? I'm certain that I have direction dyslexia now that I know more of it. Here is a link to something that you should really consider reading. Thanks and blessings from Denmark. I didn't know had this problem until I began driving 35 years ago. Once I began travelling alone, I was not able to find my way to many places I had travelled to all of my life.

I have no other deficits that I am aware of, but even with a GPS, I am still not able to travel too far on my own without getting seriously lost. It is a miserable problem. At least we are not alone! So there are others I feel so dumb when I sometimes forget my way on routes which I take on a regular basis. Of late I've been trying to consciously memorise the intersections, turns etc during journeys but sometimes if the journey is too long I can hardly remember half of it Ass For Directions the end SM, India I have problems with parking a car as I sometimes can't distinguish between turning left and right.

Sometimes, I get confused with putting on shoes as well. I have no problem with words. I give excuses for not driving as I feel embarrassed. Georgina, Singapore Is this real? I mean this isn't a joke right. I have a horrific sense of direction and i thought it was just me. I was lost yesterday going home from a concert and I was so embarrassed and upset over it. Not only was I embarrassed but also stressed because I was literally going in circles.

I didn't know other people went through this too. I felt like an idiot for having such a poor sense of direction and I couldn't understand why other people can remember and find places so easily. How can I make this better and not get lost going around the block. I wrote up the programme as an e -book. You can find it on www. I am so glad I am not alone. I have always had these problems too. I have driven to the most shortest journeys. Even going to the shop round the corner gets me confused.

If I know I have to use the car. I too can never find my way back from restrooms and it is all getting to the point of ridiculous. So glad I am not alone. Also my new house isn't that big. I find department stores to be like labyrinths and have accidentally wandered into stock Ass For Directions on numerous occasions.

I went travelling round Peru, Bolivia and Brazil for 6 weeks with a friend 3 years ago and she was astounded at my inability to remember my way around suggesting it was because I did not pay attention and relied on others, I will admit that I am sometimes guilty of this but only as a result of having been wrong so many times before when I have paid attention and tried my best to take it all in.

I have trouble with short term memory but combat this effectively with diaries and phone reminders, my long term memory on the other hand is shockingly good - I even remember the words to songs from primary school and what type of shoes people wore on the first day of secondary school and people have often said I bring up things they have said and done that they don't remember whatsoever. I asked to screened for dyspraxia last year and was told I do not have it however no test was carried out relating to sense of direction or remembering sequences of instructions another thing I have always had difficulty with.

I seems to me that there might be a link between poor short term memory and good long term memory btw once I have somewhere stored in my long term memory I will remember it forever Julia, Carlisle UK I have struggled with this "having no sense of direction" for a long time and its very frustrating until now.

New routes are stressful for me, GPS comes in handy although I still get lost using it. I also get lost inside a building. I know how to get to my work but if I'll add an additional route like going to my gym I have to pass by where I live first before getting there.

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