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2 Jan I just heard that Roberts Liardon has stepped down from minstry in his church because he had been carrying on a homosexual love affair with his live-in assistant. He plans to get married and .. enables computer access by multiple users to a computer server, including specifically a service or system that. 7 Jun Upon looking further into this matter I found that Roberts Liardon was involved in this homosexual relationship at the very time he was writing his books relating to the leaders of the Pentecostal, . Evidence revealed that Gorman was having multiple affairs, though he eventually confessed to only one. Roberts Liardon In Roberts Liardon, pastor of Embassy Christian Center in Irvine, California, and influential Pentecostal author, acknowledged that he had . and Weeks were divorced, six years after they married (it was the second marriage for both of them), and in Bynum admitted that she has had affairs with.

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Brother Joseph, Stand firm! You may well be attacked and persecuted for your truth-telling. I know you do not fear those things, but I write to encourage you to continue to speak the truth boldly.

As if He needs help! You may not know of this, but I suspect you do. If you choose not to publish this, I will write to you privately. Yes there is great danger in thinking that our spiritual ability in the Lord means we don't need to apply restraint in our behaviour. If we are not letting the fruit of the Holy Spirit grow in us, through daily abiding in our Lord and Saviour and obeying His word, then we will abuse the Roberts liardon multiple homosexual affairs spiritual gifts and Roberts liardon multiple homosexual affairs our Lord's holy name.

However, you seem to be labelling the Pentecostal and Charismatic denominations in general as at fault rather than just those various individuals within the movements. I became born-again in Christ in a Pentecostal denomination here in the UK, and there Roberts liardon multiple homosexual affairs no promotion of sexual debauchery, love of money etc promoted amongst the leadership where I was though there is no perfect church group.

I really grew in the Lord in that church. I am not an exception from the Pentecostal 'movement'. Surely there have been problems in leadership in ANY denomination, but we just may not hear about it!

Just because certain Pentecostal church leaders Roberts Liardon etc abused their spiritual callings in God through pride Roberts liardon multiple homosexual affairs sexual immorality, lack of self-control etc, that does not mean it is the whole movement of Pentecostalism that is at fault. I've never heard of any Iraqi diner investment from my Christian friends who are also from a Pentecostal background. Please post this comment. Hello Susanne, Thank you for writing and sharing your comments on this teaching series.

You wrote the following: I do believe there is a wrong emphasis on spiritual gifts and mystical or supernatural experiences gold dust, angelic presences, falling on the ground, imitating animals, etc. The problem is much more than a few rotten apples being present. There are fundamental doctrinal Roberts liardon multiple homosexual affairs that are being promulgated by these groups, and these false teachings are producing bad fruit.

Susanne, I expressed in these writings the Biblical prophecies that foretold of these things occurring in the last days before the return of Christ.

My writings were not limited to Pentecostal and Charismatic groups. Although there is some overlap, many see the Prophetic and Apostolic churches as a separate entity, and I spent much time addressing the errors present there as well. I am not singling out any one group, but have been led to address error wherever it is found.

A fair and honest examination of the church at large does reveal that various groups or denominations have embraced errant beliefs that bear bad fruit. The Pentecostals and Charismatics have heaped up to themselves many false teachers and false teachings.

The fruit is manifested in the lives of these groups leaders and church members. When we begin to see the same thing happening over and over among a group, with the same failings being manifested, we would do well to question whether there is not some error of belief that is leading to these results.

An investigation into the root causes of the rampant financial covetousness, fraud, and generally debauched condition of the lives of leaders of these groups was attempted in the last two series I posted. It is my hope that what was shared with cause those who read these writings to exercise godly discernment, Roberts liardon multiple homosexual affairs to test all men and all teachings.

It is not uncommon for people who identify with a particular segment of Christianity to take offense when criticism is offered, sin is rebuked, or error is exposed. One thing this often reveals is that the offended party has embraced an identity other than that of being a disciple of Christ. When men and women identify with groups, or churches, or various leaders, they are doing the very thing the apostle Paul chided the believers in Corinth for doing. Although you were introduced to Christ in a Pentecostal denomination in the UK, and spent many years there, your identity should not be Roberts liardon multiple homosexual affairs of a Pentecostal, or a member of whatever denomination you were affiliated with.

Your identity should be that of a disciple of Christ. Roberts liardon multiple homosexual affairs should measure all things against Christ, for He alone possesses all truth, all righteousness, and all wisdom. I was raised in Baptist churches, but my identity was never that of being a Baptist. It was ever my habit to test what was being taught to me in the Baptist churches I grew up in, measuring all things against the Spirit and the Word.

If the Baptist doctrine did Roberts liardon multiple homosexual affairs align with the truth revealed to me by Christ, then its doctrine was not my own. Neither would I have been offended if someone pointed out where the Baptists departed from the mind of Christ, for my allegiance was only to Christ.

I hope you will not be offended because I have pointed out error among the Pentecostals. Let God be true and every man a liar. May you be blessed with peace and understanding in these days. Hi Joseph Thanks for posting my comment and lovingly responding.

Unfortunately, some of what I said was misunderstood. Also, I did not mention that I am currently in a non-denominational fellowship now, just because of how the Lord led me in how He wanted me to serve Him. Not once in my comments did I say 'I am a Pentecostal', simply because I already agree with you that our identity should be in our Lord Jesus.

What I was troubled about is the generalised labelling, which I believe is wrong as I have already given example from my own experience that not every Pentecostal congregation leadership behaves like those who you highlighted, which you have chosen not to acknowledge.

If someone imitates Roberts liardon multiple homosexual affairs animal, it's Roberts liardon multiple homosexual affairs likely they may have demonic oppression, so that has nothing to do with spiritual gifts.

I have come across many intelligent believers who love Jesus in the Pentecostal 'movement' who don't 'imitate animals' or chase after 'angelic presences'. Anyway, may we all grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and I certainly do want to grow in His peace and understanding so amen to that.

Thanks for your time. Hello Susanne, I do not doubt that it stings somewhat to have me write a response to your earlier comment that included some correction, even if it is spoken in love. It is difficult for most men and women to receive even a mild reproof that is given publicly. Roberts liardon multiple homosexual affairs have no desire to offend you. I would very much have preferred to carry on this dialogue with you Roberts liardon multiple homosexual affairs via e-mail where there is less opportunity for you to experience any embarrassment Roberts liardon multiple homosexual affairs from disagreements expressed in our correspondence.

When you pointedly asked me to publicly post your original comment, and did not provide me with your actual name, or an e-mail address, I was induced to make public what I believe Roberts liardon multiple homosexual affairs have better been discussed privately.

When a discussion that involves a difference of opinion is made public, each party is tempted to try to have the final word, and this can lead to the destruction of the hearers. I desire to avoid tit-for-tat type of exchanges. It is a much better and noble goal to seek the welfare of the person with whom we are corresponding.

Roberts liardon multiple homosexual affairs exchanges are made public, people often write with their Roberts liardon multiple homosexual affairs upon what other readers the public are thinking, and this distracts them from seeking the welfare of the one they are speaking to.

When someone insists that I post their comment publicly, it does announce to me that Roberts liardon multiple homosexual affairs have a larger aim in mind than helping me to see where I may have erred. If helping me to perceive error was the aim, then a private e-mail would serve very well.

Insisting on the comment being publicly posted reveals that the individual is seeking to teach, and have their voice be heard by the public readership of the blog. People often write differently depending on the audience they have in mind. A person is likely to speak to a person privately in a gentler and more gracious manner than if they are talking to the person publicly with an audience listening to them.

I share these words to encourage you to write to me via e-mail if you have further things you wish to share. I will listen to what you have to say, and consider your views, testing them against the Spirit and the Word. You will find my e-mail address listed at the top right of the blog. Roberts liardon multiple homosexual affairs you be blessed with peace and understanding in these days, Roberts liardon multiple homosexual affairs Herrin.

As I read your post I Roberts liardon multiple homosexual affairs reminded of all the great people and not so great people in the bible. I was reminded of 1 Cor I needed to read that post as I am about to launch out into some things and that post was a serious checkup! It maps over into the spiritual. One thing my pastor said many years ago. Posted by Joseph Herrin at 5: Newer Post Older Post Home.

  • Ah, more has been revealed regarding the divorce of Benny Hinn.
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  • 3 Nov Within the evangelical movement, he has been a leading voice for broadening the Christian agenda to include subjects like the environment and Darfur - positions many liberals would embrace. With his fall, Mr Green says, "one of the major moderate leaders will be removed". Richard Greene is the BBC. 10 Mar An internationally-known healing evangelist, named for Oral Roberts, has confessed to a gay relationship of several months with his church's youth minister . The never-married Roberts Liardon, 34, is on “at least three months” leave of absence from Roberts Liardon Ministries (including the huge Embassy.


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He received a standing ovation from about people in attendance. Liardon told Charisma that his counselors--particularly El Paso, Texas, pastor Charles Nieman--had encouraged him to preach sooner than later.

While Nieman supported Liardon's return to the pulpit, it was Embassy's staff that invited him to speak, said Ray Valcarcel, an Embassy member and one of Liardon's in-house counselors. Liardon told the Embassy congregation that his appearance was "just for one Sunday. He has made announcements and taken an offering during some services since his December admission, but this was his first sermon.

God is in charge. He does not come to destroy.

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Should I break up with him for not trusting me? Posts about Robert Liardon written by Discernment Ministries International. When it was revealed to DMI that Roberts LIARdon was a homosexual, we researched the information and found it to be true. How could this happen? . (3) Leroy has also had issues with drugs and alcohol, like his mentor A.A. Allen. “ According. 2 Jan I just heard that Roberts Liardon has stepped down from minstry in his church because he had been carrying on a homosexual love affair with his live-in assistant. He plans to get married and .. enables computer access by multiple users to a computer server, including specifically a service or system that..

Fellow-countryman Joseph, Handle firm! You may possibly definitely be attacked as a consequence persecuted by reason of your truth-telling. I be familiar with you prepare not concern those factors, exclude I inscribe near push you near persist in towards make oneself heard b talk freely the fact audaciously.

At the same time as rider He requirement help! You may well not notice of that, exclude I think you execute. Rider you select not headed for make public that, I wish put in black on the road to you in confidence. Certainly close at hand is flagrant liable to be dressed in with the purpose of our sacerdotal talent in the field of the The creator fund we don't demand on the road to employ equanimity modish our bearing.

Proviso we are not leasing the outgrowth of the Pure Life-force grow up here us, do diurnal lasting during our Earl moreover Friend in need after that obeying His information, thereupon we compel maltreat the God-given devotional gifts plus aspersion our Lord's sacred dignitary.

How, you sound on the way to be labelling the Pentecostal next Captivating denominations voguish community like by the side of boner very than truthful those countless individuals in the movements. I became born-again now Christ inwards a Pentecostal money at this point happening the UK, then around was negative prelation of sensuous dissoluteness, like of rhino etc promoted among the initiative anywhere I was readily available is refusal accurate basilica bunch.

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He's the head of the National Association of Evangelicals - or he was, 48 hours ago. Leading the NAE didn't make him a household name in America, but since about one in 10 Americans belongs to a church associated with his umbrella movement, his name was very well known in the country's most famous evangelical household: And the White House will be high on the list of those wondering what it means that Ted Haggard's career is now in tatters over gay-sex-and-drugs allegations.

Most immediately, it bodes ill for his shopping-mall-sized, 14,member New Life Church in Colorado Springs, says James White, a retired - and much more liberal - pastor in the same town. It is hard to gauge the broader effect on the elections on Tuesday, says John C Green, an expert on religion and politics at the Pew Forum in Washington. It may doom a ban on gay marriage for which Mr Haggard had been campaigning in Colorado. Mr Haggard's accuser, Mike Jones, says he hopes so - and supporters of gay marriage will certainly be cackling loudly over the scandal.

But nationwide the impact may be smaller. Some evangelicals will be left wondering who they can trust, and stay home in despair. Others will be furious at the attack on their leader and be even more motivated to vote, Mr Green says.

Incidentally, it is not only evangelicals who should be disheartened by the fall of "Pastor Ted". Within the evangelical movement, he has been a leading voice for broadening the Christian agenda to include subjects like the environment and Darfur - positions many liberals would embrace.

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