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About ME: Hi! my name is Deborah, 30 years old from McKinney: My favorite movie "S&M Hunter" and favorite book about sex "Les Onze Mille Verges". I like to read & write. Our life has many wonderful colours, and I believe in a good fortune. Sex symbol of all time in my opinion is Kim Basinger! And lovable.

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DESCRIPTION: It wasn't long before the stairs creaked under his tread as he made his way up to my room. Mommy had doubtlessly told Spank daddys duaghter "everything" as she saw it.

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It wasn't long before the stairs creaked under his tread as he made his way up to my room. Mommy had doubtlessly told him "everything" as she saw it. I knew Daddy would listen to my side of the story. I also knew that after weighing my words in the balance, he would side with Mommy, as he always did. I began to cry as soon as he Spank daddys duaghter through the door. He sat down on the bed and sat me on his lap, cradling me with his Spank daddys duaghter arm and drying my tears with his handkerchief.

In his deep resonant voice, he gently commanded me to get ahold of myself. And, almost as if a spell had been Spank daddys duaghter, the need to cry faded Spank daddys duaghter. When Spank daddys duaghter told him I hadn't lit the matches and didn't know who had, his face darkened and I couldn't look him in the eye.

He pointed out that it couldn't have been anyone else, since Mommy and I were the only ones home Spank daddys duaghter Debby was at hockey practice and hadn't been home all day. Spank daddys duaghter, I nodded my head yes or no when he prompted me with questions, calmly laying Spank daddys duaghter the logic which lead, step by step, inexorably, to my guilt. Finally, I mustered all the courage I had and placed my palms tenderly on his chest and forced myself to look directly into his steel grey eyes.

I didn't do it I really really didn't! Then his confident expression wavered and it was he who broke my gaze and looked away. I was never a good liar under any circumstance. And lying while looking Daddy square in the eye was more than I could think of doing. And of course, Daddy knew this quite well. Was Daddy actually going to believe me? Had God finally come to my rescue? My heart lept and I caught Spank daddys duaghter breath as I awaited his next words.

Daddy frowned to himself and looked downward, then back at me, studying my face. I lowered my eyes quickly, unable to meet his probing gaze, though I knew I ought to. Then he looked away again. His eyes closed and his breathing deepened, and I realized he was asking God for guidance. So I offered a silent prayer of my own, begging God, as the only One who knew I was innocent, to please make Daddy believe me - and to please, please not make me have to get another spanking!

Daddy looked up again. There was sadness in his eyes, but the confidence had returned. But the facts speak for themselves. I have never known you to tell a fib so convincingly as you did just now. And that is a change in you which troubles me very deeply. Daddy didn't believe me.

I began to cry again but he hushed me. He was not finished speaking yet. When she attempted to chastise you, she says you threw a tantrum and refused to submit. I didn't mean it! The Good Lord has commanded me to spank you. Daddy held my wrists firmly against the small of my back and clamped my legs into position between his. Strangely, I felt no fear, only desolation. Mommy, Daddy, God - all had abandoned me. I didn't understand Spank daddys duaghter this had happened, only that it Spank daddys duaghter somehow all be my fault, and that I must be the most worthless little girl in the world to deserve it.

As I felt Daddy's cool, dry hand tucking up the skirts of my jumper and petticoat to expose the seat of my panties, I sincerely wished, for the first time in my life, to die. On previous occasions, the urgent fear I experienced when Daddy exposed my panties to spank me was leavened with embarassment at knowing that he was looking under my dress, and seeing everything there was to see. Our mother placed a high value on ladylike deportment on the part of Debby and me.

We were strictly admonished never to allow our panties to show, especially when a male could see Spank daddys duaghter, even Daddy. Yet whenever Daddy spanked us, suddenly that rule didn't apply. Up came your dress and down came his big hard hand on the seat of your plainly visible panties. But that afternoon, as Daddy turned up my skirts, I had already plummeted to a level of misery beyond fear or embarassment, a level of misery I had never known existed.

Daddy was saying something. It was a question, but I Spank daddys duaghter know what he'd said so I didn't know which answer to give. And I felt too miserable to ask.

The force of the smack drove me into his thigh. He had always used only his hand to spank us. He didn't need anything else. The pain came a fraction of a second later, like hornets stinging deep into my buttock muscles, still tender from the hairbrush. It was normal for Daddy's spankings to hurt this much, but not after only the first swat! I didn't feel him remove his hand from my bottom, but about ten seconds later, just as the sting was beginning to ease just slightly, WAP!

Oh, how it hurt! My mind cried out for escape, my body tried to flee, but all I could do was kick my legs against the floor from the knees down and wail into the coverlet. And then my heart swelled with hatred.

I hated God for making this happen to me, all of it. I hated Him for making a world where things this awful, this unfair, this monstrous, could happen to poor little girls. My loathing filled all space until even the pain from my bottom was barely noticable. But as spank after slow, measured spank landed on my bottom and the pain grew and grew, eventually it drove out even the hatred until I was no longer shaking the earth and igniting the sky.

Suddenly I was just a helpless, wailing child, face drenched with tears, receiving a very sound spanking from her Daddy. And at that moment, Daddy stopped. The sound of my crying must have changed, indicating that my Will had broken and that my heart was now prepared for Repentance. He turned my Spank daddys duaghter back down again to preserve my modesty and released my wrists, allowing Spank daddys duaghter to rub my bottom while I cried and cried across his lap.

In a deep kindly voice, without anger, he instructed me to stand facing the corner and think about my sins. I Spank daddys duaghter a timid "yes, Daddy" and promptly obeyed him. The bedsprings creaked as he rose from his seat. Then came the sound of his footsteps. Then the door closed behind him. Never had I sinned so grievously as I had done just a minute earlier: Surely there could be no forgiveness for me, ever!

My soul was forfeit. In the corner of her bedroom stood an obscenity, an abomination in the eyes of the Lord. I was falling, falling, falling ever faster into a dark endless pit - falling away from daylight and family and friends and from all that there was to love. In my mind I screamed out for help, but there was no salvation for a miserable, undeserving Spank daddys duaghter like me.

Daddy had taught Debby and I to think of damnation as a spanking which never ended, except that the pain was all over your body instead of just your bottom, and it was much, much worse.

And there was no forgiveness and love afterwards Spank daddys duaghter there was no "afterwards. Worst of all was being cut off forever from Jesus, with no hope of salvation. And now, that was to be Spank daddys duaghter fate. Hatred welled up in my breast anew, but not hatred of God.

I deserved to be in Hell The door opened and Daddy came across the room. He placed his hand on Spank daddys duaghter shoulder and turned me to face Spank daddys duaghter. Was I ready to repent my sins? I said that I was a terrible, terrible sinner, and that God would never forgive me.

Then I began to cry - deep, heaving sobs of despair. Daddy gathered me in his arms and held me close as I cried. As he comforted me he explained that we are all sinners, that we have all missed the mark and fallen short Spank daddys duaghter the glory of God.

He said that no matter how great our sins, God will forgive them all, provided we ask His forgiveness with a truly repentant heart. Looking up into his eyes, I asked, "Daddy, is there anything so bad that God will never forgive you no matter how much Spank daddys duaghter repent?

And suddenly, it felt as if Daddy's hand had reached down into the pit and pulled me back to the world of light. Without another word, I knelt beside my bed and prayed aloud, pouring my Spank daddys duaghter out to God, Spank daddys duaghter him how much I wanted to give myself over to Him, and telling Spank daddys duaghter how very, very, very sorry I was for my sin.

After awhile, I actually began to feel as if maybe God really had forgiven me for my bad thoughts. And for the first time in hours I felt almost good inside. Still kneeling, I looked up at Daddy.

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Ashley stood in front of the mirror in her bedroom and studied her hair. She had teased the top, brought some of it forward in bangs and pulled the rest of the long, blond, straight tresses into a high pony tail on one side of her head. It'd look cool if I could wear make up, she thought.

She picked up some clear gloss, all the makeup she was allowed to wear, and applied a thick coat to her full mouth. Her mother was just unreasonable, the year-old thought. It's not like I asked for a month's supply of condoms, she grumbled to herself, not sure of how many that would be.

She glanced at her outfit, a snugly fitted mint green t-shirt with a patchwork heart that matched her short skirt. Her slender legs were bare, as were her feet on which she wore flat-heeled sandals. One more year, she thought. I'll be 13 and in junior high and I'm wearing makeup. I don't care what my mother says.

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Gracie sat at the kitchen table sipping the hot russet. The dishes were still piled great in the church font. She knew with the intention of her father would have something near say about it when he came down. Harvey sat in his cubicle quarters wondering just how to solve his problem. Gracie, his daughter had check in home to function with him 4 months ago. Next to 19, she had gone thru a bad relationship then it had socialistic her bitter by the side of the world.

Other than he would not allow her in the direction of completely ignore the rules that he had set downwards when he gave her his licence to live through him. For two days he had been after her to clean ahead the house. As soon as he got appear in from his tryst late last gloaming, he went interested in the kitchen merely to see the same dishes around from the forenoon with new ones added.

Her feeling concerning his orders was the nasty part.

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I often imagine myself as the "girl" in fantasies. What I have trouble with is imagining a man doing things to me You, Mistress Julie, playing the role of the man is a good stepping stone, I think! Thank you for your continuing inspiration! I think many subby men enjoy women-on-the-bottom porn for that reason, whether they admit it or not.

Well written, and a great collection of pics, too. I love how easily you play with gender in your fantasies and spankings.


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About ME: I don't know my own strength in many areas of my life. I believe sex was created to enjoy and explore. To reiterate; total discretion guaranteed. Someone with a adventurous personality. Thanks for reading.

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