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demo Magic wand orgasm
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DESCRIPTION: I've been wanting one but debating it would be too addictive! Cos I enjoy my own company a lot as much as my boyfriend's. I've been wanting one as well, but I've got a pretty Magic wand orgasm demo one.

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Magic wand orgasm demo Threesome Erotic Fotos

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Anna Bell Peaks reviewing the Hitachi Magic Wand! - Dating Chatroom!

There is a hard plastic handle with a very simple switch on the side, and then it narrows to a neck that is slightly flexible. On the business end is a slightly spongy head with a very faintly textured surface. There is a cord that comes out the base, which was a little irritating because that means that you need to have an outlet where you want to have your fun. At first glance, despite having read a Hitachi Magic Wand review or two in my time, I was a little underwhelmed.

The head itself has some give to it, Magic wand orgasm demo not that much. Something to keep in mind. This Magic wand orgasm demo is pretty sizableand not in the way that you might think. The plastic shaft is fairly long, and the soft head is fairly large. This can make it a little bit difficult to hold on to, and if you have issues with your hands or with grasping Magic wand orgasm demo, this can make this toy a little unwieldy for you.

The strong vibrations do make my hands a little numb and tingly after a while, so be aware of that before you buy. When I was ready to get started with this toy, I plugged it into the wall, and flipped the switch. The lower setting made me blink, because within just a few seconds, I could already tell that it was an impressive buzz. I found that a little bit of lube on the area helped. I did my research, and apparently, you can use any type of lube on the head.

Mild soap and water gets it clean again, so just FYI. The Hitachi Magic Wand is ideal when used on less sensitive areas, at least at first. The Magic wand orgasm demo first time I used it, I was on my back with my legs spread out fairly wide, and I just used the soft, now-lubed head on the vulva rather than anything too sensitive.

I happen to like a lot of stimulation to my labia, and if you have an extra-sensitive clit, do yourself a favor and start there, rather than placing it on your clit right away! The first setting was definitely powerful enough, and I have at least one other friend who has never bothered with the highest setting at all. When I finally did use it for clitoral stimulation, the results were fantastic.

This is a very intense toy. I cannot say it enough. This is probably the most powerful vibrator I have ever used, and when I was in my twenties, I had a reputation for burning them out.

There is no real fear of that with this toy. I stuck with the lower setting for a while. I played with the higher setting once for a few seconds, and I had to say that it was way too intense for me.

Now remember, this is just me. Every woman is different, and I have friends who refuse to use anything Magic wand orgasm demo than the top setting on the Hitachi Magic Wand. Hitachi Magic Wand Review — The lower setting is strong enough to get me off.

Some women love the intense vibrations, and I know more than one girlfriend who masturbates by pressing it to her clit very, very, very hard. Everyone is different, and that large head, which is about the size of a tennis ball, can be used in a lot of different ways. For myself, however, I was thinking that Magic wand orgasm demo was just a little too intense for me until I decide to Magic wand orgasm demo positions. Fortunately I did not have to go far; all I did was roll over on my side and clamp the head between my thighs.

This let me thrust up and down with the handle a bit while my legs absorbed some of the vibrations. Magic wand orgasm demo are actually lots of ways to use the Hitachi Magic Wand, Magic wand orgasm demo this one is fantastic. When it comes to sex, one of my favorite positions is girl on top, and this gives me all the fun of being on top with an impressive vibrations per minute.

Start by stacking up two pillows and draping a towel over Magic wand orgasm demo. Lie the Hitachi Magic Wand down on the towel-covered pillow, turn it on Magic wand orgasm demo your favorite setting, and mount up.

This is a perfect position when you are looking for something that is a little less intense but which allows you to still get a lot of sensation Magic wand orgasm demo you want it. This thing is loud. There has never been any mistaking the Hitachi Magic Wand for anything except exactly what it is. The power of the motor creates a seriously impressive buzzing sound, and I can tell you right now, this is a sound that drills through walls.

In fact, its noise level is not unlike a drill, now that I think about it. When I Magic wand orgasm demo feeling a little shyer but still wanted to have some fun, I tried awkwardly covering up with a blanket or sort of tenting my pillows over the area. This did not work. People simply thought I was using it on a lower setting.

One great thing Magic wand orgasm demo remember about the Hitachi Magic Wand is that there is some plausible deniability. Though you will find it in every sex shop worth the name, this thing is still branded as a solution to sore backs. If someone finds it in your bedroom, you can always say you were working out a cramp. This is about as believable as saying that that riding crop is for that pony that you are planning to buy, but there it is. Also remember that aside from being a fantastic sex toy, it is also a superb back massager.

Have your partner start with using this toy on your back and your shoulders, and then, as you get warmed up and start to purr, have him move it to other places! The Hitachi Magic Wand is a great Magic wand orgasm demo when you want to include someone else in your sexy fun Magic wand orgasm demo. This does not have to be a one-woman show, and when you want to use it with someone else, you can definitely get creative. Start by using it as a massage tool and get progressively more and more intimate with it.

You can also use it to put on a show for your partner, and if they are a visually motivated person, this is going to thrill them quite a lot! One interesting way to use the Hitachi Magic Wand for heterosexual sex or lesbian sex that involves Magic wand orgasm demo partner sitting on top of the other.

See if you can position it so that the head of the toy is hitting all the important areas. For het couples, this means with the head against the base of his penis and your clit. For lesbian couples, position the toy so that it is hitting both of your clits. This takes some positioning, but once you are in place and have the toy going, you will Magic wand orgasm demo that you have to do very little rocking or moving in order get to the climax you have been after.

However, my friends with male bits also love it, and it might not always be for the reasons that you think. For example, at least one of my guy friends loves having the soft head placed at the base of his penis while a partner is giving him a hand… He does mention it as being a pretty mean trick when she pressed it against his testicles, but you know. You take the good with the bad in a relationship.

Over a Magic wand orgasm demo with another friend of mine, the topic of Hitachi came up, and he offered up the fact that there is a male-friendly attachment as well. However, not all of my guy friends are willing to give a positive Hitachi Magic Wand Magic wand orgasm demo. After all, men are just so fragile…. Just like great accessories can make an outfit pop, attachments can make your Hitachi Magic Wand experience even cooler. For days when you want something a little extra, look for silicone attachments that close around the head of the toy and harness all of that vibration for different purposes.

There are two basic attachments for you to start off with. Combining penetration with intense vibration is a fantastic recipe for good times, so put in the extra cash; these attachments are not pricy, and they are totally worth the purchase. These accessories help you focus the vibrations and put them exactly Magic wand orgasm demo you need them. Some women complain about going numb if they use the Hitachi Magic Wand too often.

Yes, this is something that happens, and no, it is nothing to worry about. You have not permanently killed any nerves or made yourself insensitive. The Hitachi is a lot of vibration and a lot of power, and if you use it a lot, you may notice that it is getting less effective.

It might take you longer to orgasm or the orgasm might not be as powerful when you do. There is an easy fix for it, and that is simply to stay away from the Hitachi for a few days. Use something less powerful or simply go cold turkey. When you come back, the sensations will be as powerful as they were when you first started. It started out as the Original Magic Wandand it was designed for people recovering from sports injuries back in the s.

Like any other essential appliance in your life, it needs to be plugged into the wall to use. However, the trade-off is an exceedingly powerful motor that gives you two different vibration speeds to choose from. If you Magic wand orgasm demo my basic summation of the Hitachi Magic Wand, I would say that this toy is a basic must-have if you are craving power, sensation and a lot of it.

My wife and I have sex everyday. The magic wand is Magic wand orgasm demo major reason why. She knows she will orgasm every time, multiple times. Hitachi for your marvelous invention. We bought the magic wand rechargable as well. Some times we use both on her at the same time, or one on the Clitoris and the new one on her nipples, crazy fun.

She does not go a day without me and hitachi. Changed our marriage, changed my life. Thanks again whoever invented this.

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From penis extenders to masturbators, dildos and everything in between we help you find the best device for you. Which sex toys would you like reviewed more on letstalksex. The Hitachi Magic Wand is an impressive toy, and it gets amazing raves wherever it is mentioned, but have you wondered why?

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Next to initially even though having peruse a Hitachi Allure Baton study before two in the field of my just the same from time to time, I was a slight underwhelmed.

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Ashley Tisdale And Zac Efron Dating 2018 83 Magic wand orgasm demo I even Magic wand orgasm demo a blanket between it and me with a thick sock over it but I just got numb and frustrated, instead of turned on. I've had relationships where we incorporated it pretty much all the time. Now I need something this strong and I think I numbed my clit. I've had it so long, I can't even remember if I used to be able to orgasm without it. Before the wand, i never came from sex with my husband. I have been needing to replace it and while I was wanting to try something new, I wasn't sure what! Click here for instructions on how to enable Magic wand orgasm demo in your browser. Magic wand orgasm demo This post came at the perfect time. No matter how many times I tried, even with direct or indirect stimulation. Hitachi for your marvelous invention. This did not work. Changed our marriage, changed my life.

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