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DESCRIPTION: But lately I have noticed that I have become more easily aroused again, and I was wondering if perhaps my body only needed some time to get used to the pills, and maybe Ortho tricyclen lo no orgasm ability to have an orgasm will also return with a little more time. But then more recently you have become more easily aroused again. You are wondering what might be happening.

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I Want My Sex Drive Back! - Birth Control Forum - eHealthForum

Since I was active again, I went back on the Tri-Cyclen Lo. By the end of the year I was in another serious long term relationship that is still going strong. The problem is that we were initially having sex every night we saw each other but after 3 years of dating I now have no desire to initiate sex. I'm basically. I decided to go back on it in August and I could only manage 2 months on it before all of these side effects came right back so I know it's the pill and not just normal hormonal .. I recently tried a couple other pills which I was not happy with so I suggested ortho tri cyclen lo to the doctor bc it worked fine before for me. 20 Apr Some examples of pills with low progestin activity compared to other pills are Ortho Cyclen, Ortho Tri-Cyclen, Alesse, Triphasil and Modicon. If you notice a decline in your libido a month or longer after starting the pill then the decrease in libido may not be associated with the pill: if this is due to a side.


Studies point to yes and the experience of many women points to yes. In the s, there was much hue and cry that the Pill would turn women into sex fiends and put marriages in peril. Women have been saying for years that the Pill and other hormonal contraceptives can decrease their sex drives.

Of course, for a lot of women, hormonal contraceptives have no such effect; for others, the decrease is small and is a tolerable trade-off for not getting pregnant. This was just dropped in the article like it was no big deal. I even went off it Ortho tricyclen lo no orgasm for about 2 months last year and I immediately noticed my sex drive skyrocket back up to what it used to be, and then I got back on it and it went back down again.

Yeah, it did for me, big time. I could still enjoy sex if I talked myself into it, but I almost never felt desire. The pill had a lot of negative effects on me, actually. I know it works wonderfully for some women, Ortho tricyclen lo no orgasm I wish there were more options and more discussion of the options that do exist for those of us who react badly to it.

Find a new one! Mine was crap when I was on the pill. So I went off it and we used condoms, which also sucked, but at least I wanted some action. Hormones are screwy things. I went on for strict birth control purposes the first time. I switched to condoms after about six months, believing it is better to have to pause sex to put on a condom then to never start sex in the first place.

Left to my own devices, I am, in fact, a sex fiend. The pill changes that. As animals monogamy is not a natural state of being, for men or women. It would seem to me to be a function, rather than a dysfunction.

The Pill mimics pregnancy hormones, right? A lot of pregnant women report a surge in sex drive—at least for part of their pregnancies. Of course, a lot of women report the opposite effect. Hormone effects are nothing if not idiosyncratic. Huh, that would be interesting. Check out IUDs if you are interested in long-term birth control that is not the pill.

And I had no trouble getting pregnant soon after I had it removed. My spouse has never done well with hormonal BC, for several reasons. She attributed it to postpartum issues and tiredness.

Her blood pressure rose, she went off the hormones, and desire came roaring back. The medicalize and pathologize everything about female sexuality. Want to talk about it?

I would say, though, that cutting down my period from 6 days to 3 days does wonders for the sex Ortho tricyclen lo no orgasm, if only psychologically…. However, I need a high dosage, estrogen containing pill or I might as well not bother, symptom wise. However, the most bothersome pill side effect for Ortho tricyclen lo no orgasm is breast growth. My freaking back hurts and none Ortho tricyclen lo no orgasm my damned doctors seem to take my concerns about breast growth seriously.

I briefly went off the Ortho tricyclen lo no orgasm for about 4 months, 2 years ago. I could barely function, I was so horny all the time. I had to masturbate about x a day. Only problem is, I changed to the current one just as I started my first full-time job, so I have no idea whether a low-oestrogen pill is still too much or if the change to a hour working week is responsible. It bugs me that I have to choose between my sex drive and having periods that are practical to deal with- before I was on the pill, I would have month gaps sometimes, or 2 week gaps, and it was impossible to go anywhere in case of an unexpected gush.

Kind of regretting not getting a job in the pharmeceutical industry now. It's kind of evil, but maybe I could have had a small part in making a better pill if I'd sold a bit of my soul. The only thing that kills my sex drive more effectively than birth control is prozac. If birth control is a dimmer, then prozac was an off switch. I have been on Lo Estrin 24 Fe for a year now, and I am happy to report that my sex drive is pretty high.

However, I should add that I have had a very high sex drive since I figured out how to masturbate to orgasm. Though this decrease could possibly be attributed to the fact that my current boyfriend is quite well-endowed and taking that thing more than once a day is generally not gonna happen.

Actually, Marle, sexual dysfunction is diagnosed in males much more frequently than it is in Ortho tricyclen lo no orgasm. And I would guess low sex drive in males is just as prone to being pathologized as it is in women, if not much more so. There are male birth control pills being developed now that do not rely on a hormonal mechanism of action— which means they will be potentially much less risky and have fewer side effects than the hormonal birthcontrol methods that exist now for women.

So you think women are the only ones who should tinker around with their hormones in order to prevent pregnancy? I fail to see why any woman should have sex with any man that damn selfish unless she has no other option. Just refuse to have sex with them unless they do take some responsibility. I was only on the pill for a few months when I was a young teenager.

But who can tell with the already fluctuating teenage hormones…. I switched to the depo shot shortly after that and used that in combination with condoms where appropriate until I got my tubes tied. I personally would go back on the depo over the pill if I had to do so. The Pill was bad news for me. I went on it for pregnancy prevention and it had some negative side effects. My libido was fine for awhile but eventually it crashed.

Worse though were some of the other side effects; for me HBC was making a sexual pain condition worse. I will never know if the pill was the cause of the pain, or if it I would have developed the pain regardless, but what was probably happening Ortho tricyclen lo no orgasm, the pill was contributing to thinning out my vulvar tissues. So the pill was draining my libido, but so was the pain… I will not be able to use hormonal contraception in the future, for fear of it making things worse again.

I am not familiar with the research Wallen cites that says sexual dysfunction increases in long-term relationships and the appropriate treatment is a new partner. I would be very interested in knowing and looking at his source s in the medical literature.

Actually the male birth control pill in development has nothing to do with hormones…it would phosphorylate the sperm cells to keep them from being activated in the Ortho tricyclen lo no orgasm. I have simple stopped taking my meds and have been very depressed lately because of it.

But at least my body actually responds now. No I will not dump my boyfriend, Yes I have tried everything short of going off my meds and I was not able to become aroused. But I feel like I can relate. Norgestimate which was in Ortho Tri Cyclen killed my sex drive almost completely. So I did some research into side effects as related to androgenicity, and went to my doc and demanded a pill with desogestrel in it.

And my sex drive has been just where I like it for the last 3 years: This page was the most helpful — amounts, potencies, and a happy table of side effects. As it is, vasectomies are already mostly reversible so how difficult could it be to tinker with the concept and make it almost always reversible? That was my experience in my teens. Then again Ortho tricyclen lo no orgasm thought both sexes were pretty icky Ortho tricyclen lo no orgasm high school- I had trust issues with girls and nothing in common with most of the guys.

Wish my body came with a manual, growl. What about women like myself, who need to keep from having periods because it really is far too much stress for them to go through psychologically each month? Even successfully reversed vasectomies lead to sometimes-dramatically lower fertility if a long time passes between vasectomy and reversal. My boyfriend could usually get me aroused eventually, but I almost never started it.

I went off the pill and switched antidepressants, a few months apart, and have had an actual sex drive as well as enjoying sex lots more since. This is thinking back on it from several months later. Hard to say whether Ortho tricyclen lo no orgasm Pill or emotional issues was the major factor, but most of my Ortho tricyclen lo no orgasm drive disappeared several years ago.

Went on the Pill in Ortho tricyclen lo no orgasm first place for pain control, am now on it 9 weeks out of every 10 periods eventually got worse again even on the Pill, so reducing their frequency at least Ortho tricyclen lo no orgasm the time i have to spend off work. The injectable method seems the least likely to require too much intervention.

Totally happened to me. Two years on two different pills and I had lost all interest in sex. I thought there was something wrong with me. I went to counseling. It was only after I had read some testimonials online that I started to think it might the birth control. I went off and have been quite frisky ever since. We know that long-term relationships increase the risk of female sexual dysfunction — a condition easily treated with a new partner, which is many times more effective than any drug or hormone.

Because I read this quote as somewhat ironic, as in: This dissuades women from seeking out more sexually satisfying relationships. Even if, in the end, people decide to stick with their partner for reasons of love, Ortho tricyclen lo no orgasm dependence, security, etc.

I have had only Ortho tricyclen lo no orgasm worst experiences with birth control. I almost dropped out of my last semester of university due to severe depression, which miraculously disappeared two days after I took my Nuvaring out.

  • i've been taking otc lo on and off for 4 years it has increased my sex drive % && also has my hormones outraged. Reply» I have had the same problem with having no sex drive while taking Ortho Tri Cyclen. I'll get so close to having an orgasm then it will go away and I normally can't get it back.
  • Studies point to yes and the experience of many women points to yes.
  • Ortho Tri-Cyclen Lo User Reviews for Birth Control (Page 6) at

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Do not copy or redistribute in any form! Subscribe To Birth Control. I've been on Ortho tricyclen-lo for a little over a year now, and for a while now my sex drive has been quite pathetic.

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I deceive been lie on these biological control pills for 3 years without hesitation maybe. My boyfriend after that I are having lots of nuts in our relationship counting not having sex forever. I hardly don't atmosphere like it ever.

Girls, is having no friends a deal breaker for a guy? 11 May It's next to impossible for me to climax unless I'm near ovulation which was not a problem for me on the pill. That being said, I'll take having A few months ago, apparently the generic manufacturer of Ortho-Tricyclen Lo stopped making it due to “production and supply issues.” At least, that's what I've been. i've been taking otc lo on and off for 4 years it has increased my sex drive % && also has my hormones outraged. Reply» I have had the same problem with having no sex drive while taking Ortho Tri Cyclen. I'll get so close to having an orgasm then it will go away and I normally can't get it back..


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