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DESCRIPTION: A hosiery device Notch toes pantyhose gel pads disposed along the bottom. The device has at least one leg portion with a footed portion disposed at the bottom. It may be a pair of leggings such as pantyhose or may be a single leg stocking.

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A hosiery device having gel pads disposed along the bottom. The device has at least one leg portion with a footed Notch toes pantyhose disposed at the Notch toes pantyhose. It may be a pair of leggings such as pantyhose or may be a single leg stocking.

Gel pads are integrated into the bottom of the footed portions in key areas that correspond to load-bearing portions of a user's foot.

The gel pads are formed around the underlying hosiery fabric, creating an integrated pad that is not easily removable. Pads may be positioned along the ball, heel, toes, or entire sole of the foot.

The device provides therapeutic relief of muscle tension and stress by cushioning the parts of the foot that bear a person's weight. This application claims the benefit of U. The present invention relates to a therapeutic hosiery device.

The device is worn like pantyhose or any other type of footed legging and provides padded comfort to the soles of a user's feet while the device is in use.

It will be appreciated by people who wear uncomfortable shoes throughout their working day in addition to leggings or pantyhose. Most men and Notch toes pantyhose have had occasion to discover that work appropriate shoes and formal footwear are Notch toes pantyhose to wear.

Dress shoes often feature fashionable but oddly shaped toe regions, high heels, and little instep support. Because of these limitations, extended wear of dress footwear is often uncomfortable or even painful. Those who must wear dress shoes to work every day frequently experience discomfort throughout the day and are relegated to bringing a second pair of footwear with them to work so that they can Notch toes pantyhose into more comfortable shoes.

Other people place insole padding in their shoes to cushion the bottoms of their feet. These pads present several problems. Unsecured insole cushions slide around underneath a user's feet. The insole cushions can slide into awkward positions or cause a user's feet to slide within their shoes, either of which can result in stumbling or tripping.

Some insole pads are secured via adhesive to the bottom of a shoe interior and cannot be easily transferred to another pair of shoes. Thus a user must have multiple sets of insole cushions to accommodate their collection of dress shoes.

An insole cushion device is needed that can be worn with multiple dress shoes and will stay in place during wear. The present invention is a pair of footed leggings that have built in pads on the Notch toes pantyhose of the foot portions. The pads cover the ball and heel of a user's foot to alleviate pressure in these regions.

The legging may be nylon hosiery, cotton tights, or any other type of footed legging. The device thus provides a padded cushioning for a user's feet Notch toes pantyhose is integrated discretely into a pair of leggings. The prior art fails to describe padding that is integrated into a work-appropriate garment and thus does not disclose the structure of the present invention. Pads of various shapes, sizes and thickness are inserted into the pockets to provide different regions of a user's foot with protective cushioning.

The device can be a stocking such as pantyhose or can be a pair of socks. Users select and insert the cushion pads, and then remove them as the pad becomes worn or soiled. Unlike the present invention, the Canci device does not prevent pads from sliding around under a user's foot. The pads of the present device are integrated into the stocking to reduce slippage and keep cushioning in place under a user's feet.

A comfort stocking is described in Alvera, U. The stocking is made Notch toes pantyhose nylon and has a reinforced slipper shaped region on the footed portion of the stocking. The reinforced region may include the use of cotton or similar threads woven into the nylon thread of the stocking. Alvera does not disclose any pads or cushioning, and instead uses a soft thicker thread on the foot portion to increase comfort to a user. While the reinforced foot region might provide increased comfort, it does not provide cushioned support to a user's feet.

Notch toes pantyhose present invention specifically addresses the need for sole support by integrating pads into the sole region of the foot. These pads are placed in specific locations rather than as a whole foot cover. Other devices pertain to footwear and hosiery that have pads secured to the bottom of the feet regions. These pads have a wicking, Notch toes pantyhose absorbent layer that absorbs moisture Notch toes pantyhose the bottom of a user's foot. A traction layer is secured to the bottom of the wicking layer to prevent a user's foot from sliding around within a shoe.

The multi-layer pad is secured to the bottom Notch toes pantyhose the stocking, making it easy for the pad to peel off with wear. The gel-filled nubs are disposed all along the bottom of the sock to cushion the user's feet from impact with the ground.

The sock is intended for use by runners or athletes who are frequently on their feet. Like the Jennings device the nubs of Richardson are secured to the bottom of a user's feet and can be easily worn off or peeled away over time.

The present invention integrates a cushioned pad into the stocking material to prevent the pad from being worn away. The prior art fails to disclose a stocking or legging that has a gel-filled pad integrated into the fabric of the garment.

Nor do the device disclose cushioned pads located at specific load-bearing regions of a user's foot. The present invention substantially diverges in design elements from the prior art and consequently it is clear that there is a Notch toes pantyhose in Notch toes pantyhose art for an improvement to existing therapeutic hosiery devices.

In this regard the instant invention substantially fulfills these needs. In view of the Notch toes pantyhose disadvantages inherent in the known types of therapeutic hosiery now Notch toes pantyhose in the prior Notch toes pantyhose, the present invention provides a new integrated gel padding wherein the same can be utilized for providing convenience for the user when cushioning the load bearing portions of a user's feet.

The therapeutic hosiery device of the present invention is designed to address the problem of alleviating discomfort associated with wearing dress shoes. The device can be a pair of leggings joined at the top or individual stockings such as calf or knee high hose. Footed portions are disposed at the bottom of each stocking or each leg of the leggings.

These footed portions are shaped to accommodate a user's feet. Along the bottom of the footed portions, gel pads are integrated into the material of the device. The pad is formed around the fabric, with an upper surface exposed to the bottom of a user's foot and a bottom surface exposed to the interior of a shoe.

This integration provides direct contact with a user's feet and the shoe, reducing the potential for feet to slide around within the footed region or the shoe. Gel pads can be placed in multiple configurations. One gel pad covers the ball of a user's foot, another covers the heel area. There may also be a gel Notch toes pantyhose extending along the entire sole of a user's foot.

In an alternative embodiment the footed portion has two separate areas for the big toe and four smaller toes. This embodiment allows users to wear thong sandals with the hosiery device. Additional gel pads may be disposed between the big toe portion and the portion containing the other four toes. This prevents the thong of a sandal from chaffing the space between a user's toes. It is therefore an object of the present invention to provide a new and improved therapeutic hosiery device that has all of the advantages of the prior art and none Notch toes pantyhose the disadvantages.

It is another object Notch toes pantyhose the present invention to provide customized placement of gel pads to cushion different parts of a user's feet. Another object of the present invention is to provide a hosiery device that cushions a user's feet while reducing the likelihood that the feet will slide around within the hosiery or a pair of shoes. Yet another object of the present invention is to provide a cushioned hosiery Notch toes pantyhose that can be work as a pair of leggings or as individual stockings.

Thus a user can wear stockings with different padding configurations on each foot if so desired. A further object of the present invention is to provide a cushioned hosiery device having a split toe region so that users can Notch toes pantyhose thong sandals with the hosiery. A still further object of the present invention is to provide hosiery with an integrated gel pad that cannot be easily worn away by general use. Other objects, features and advantages of the present invention will become Notch toes pantyhose from the following detailed description taken in conjunction with the accompanying drawings.

Although the characteristic features of this invention will be particularly pointed out in the claims, the invention itself and manner in which it may be made and used may be better understood after a review of the following description, taken Notch toes pantyhose connection with the accompanying drawings wherein like numeral annotations are provided throughout.

Reference is made herein to the attached drawings. Like reference numerals are used throughout the drawings to depict like or similar elements of the therapeutic hosiery device. For the purposes of presenting a brief and clear description of the present invention, the preferred embodiment will be discussed as used for cushioning the soles of a user's feet.

The figures are intended for representative purposes only and should not be considered to be limiting in any respect. Referring now to FIG. It has two leg portions 12 joined together at the top to form a panty region The panty region covers a user's abdomen and is secured in place by an elastic band 14 that sits around the user's waist.

At the bottom of each leg portion is a Notch toes pantyhose portion b15 that is generally shaped like a human foot in order to receive and accommodate a user's feet. The device can be nylon pantyhose, or any other material that is used in the construction of form fitting leggings. Another embodiment of the device is shown in FIG. The stocking 16 covers only one of a user's legs rather than both legs as in the embodiment in FIG. Like the leggings embodiment the single leg version of the device also has a leg portion 12 that sheaths a part of a user's leg, and a footed portion 15 that covers the user's foot.

A leg waistband 17 is disposed at the top of the stocking and may be elastic to help hold the device up Notch toes pantyhose may simply be reinforced material to prevent fraying. Though a thigh-high stocking is shown in the figure, the single leg embodiment may extend from the feet to any portion of a user's leg. Thus, knee high stockings and dress socks are also contemplated for manufacture.

Stockings, leggings, and pantyhose are known in the art and the basic construction of the hosiery product will be known to one of ordinary skill in the art. Turning now to FIG. The footed portion covers a user's foot and toes in the same material as the rest of the legging.

A user's toes are covered by the front most part of the footed portion, while the back covers a user's heel. A ball cushion 18 Notch toes pantyhose of a solidified gel substance is disposed along the part of the footed Notch toes pantyhose that covers the ball of the user's foot. The ball cushion provides a thick region of deformable gel material Notch toes pantyhose cushion a user's foot from impacts and disperse load-bearing tension.

Positioning of the gel pad is not limited to the ball region. The pads can be aligned with any load-bearing region of the foot or may cover the entire underside of the sole. Size and shape of the cushions can vary according to the size of the underlying hosiery product.

The present invention relates to consolidate garments and more particularly relates to a sheer support pantyhose garment having an open-toe end structure and an open crotch design which is suitable as regards wear while swimming, exercising or else dancing.

Variations on this layout make it suitable for post-surgical or other medical uses. Abounding women are hesitant to exasperate bathing suits or summer shoe styles which require the wearer to remain bare-legged because they are ashamed of the development of their legs. Such women have a desire to develop the appearance of their legs so they can appear inside public in a bathing convenient to, swim, wear sandals and skimpy summer clothing with open shoes, and the like.

The unit may have visible varicose veins, unsightly scars, dimples or full of fat deposits which render their legs unattractive and discourage them beginning appearing in a swimsuit. It is well known that try hosiery garments such as stockings or pantyhose improve the bearing of a woman's leg, plus even women with attractive legs, including movie and television stars and dancers, wear hosiery garments such as pantyhose to nominate their legs appear sleek with attractive.

However, conventional hosiery garments, such as pantyhose and tights, include a hip portion, a pair of leg portions moreover a pair of foot portions which entirely enclose the feet. In normal use, these old art garments are subject en route for increased wear at the toes where they may snag, operate or tear.

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  • 8 Nov Taking off your shoes at the end of the day to discover your big toe poking through your tights is the worst kind of surprise. To prevent it, spend a few bucks more on tights with reinforced toes. Or, our favorite cheapie option: Press a summer staple into service by slipping on a pair of no-show socks before.
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  • 30 Oct I have some beautiful new Platino pantyhose - Cleancut 15 Caresse - they feel so nice and smooth as I stretch my legs and flex my feet For custom videos go v.

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How hard is it to find 'the one'? An open toed, ventilated crotch, panty hose garment, adapted for wear with swimsuits, exercise and dance clothing, and for post surgical wear that entirely covers the lower body down to an edge that encircles the foot near the base of the toes and defines an opening through which the toes protrude. The upper and lower. Shop JMS Control Top at OneHanesPlace. Find comfortable and affordable plus size apparel today. Satisfaction Guaranteed..

Please make sure that you are posting in the form of a question. The stylish sheer collection helps promote leg health, provides relief from a range of symptoms, and is perfect for travel, work, or every day wear. For prevention and mild to moderate symptoms: How does graduated compression therapy help with the management of venous problems?

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